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All dwellings in the area at the time of the 2001 Census. A household’s accommodation (a household space) is defined as being in a shared dwelling if it has accommodation type ‘part of a converted or shared house’, not all the rooms (including bathroom and toilet, if any) are behind a door that only that household can use and there is at least one other such household space at the same address with which it can be combined to form the shared dwelling. If any of these conditions is not met, the household space forms an unshared dwelling. Therefore a dwelling can consist of one household space (an unshared dwelling) or two or more household spaces (a shared dwelling).
Measurement Unit
Dataset Date
2001 Census: Census Area Statistics, Housing
Comparison against other Metropolitan Borough Councils
Barnsley Borough Council95,742
Birmingham City Council403,195
Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council113,305
Bradford Metropolitan Council191,796
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council76,770
Coventry City Council126,456
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council123,161
Dudley Metropolitan Borough128,232
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council87,571
Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council166,153
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough62,171
Leeds City Council309,769
Liverpool City Council197,305
Manchester City Council185,001
Newcastle upon Tyne City Council117,603
North Tyneside Council88,312
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council91,371
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council86,844
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council105,659
Salford City Council98,667
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council119,522
Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council120,504
Sheffield Council224,667
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council83,409
South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council67,980
St Helens Borough Council75,422
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council123,527
Sunderland City Council119,925
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council93,876
Trafford Council91,815
Wakefield City Metropolitan District Council136,419
Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council105,625
Wigan Metropolitan Borough128,963
Wirral Metropolitan Borough138,954
Wolverhampton City Council100,855

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