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Venue: Council Chamber, District Council Offices, St Peter's Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3JE

Contact: Paul Warne, Democratic Services 

Items No. Item


Replacement Members

To note any replacement Members appointed for the meeting in accordance with the notification procedure.


It was noted that Councillors Lusby and Teare had been appointed as members of the Planning (Development Control) Committee Central for this meeting only in place of Councillors Wartenberg and Witherick respectively, in accordance with the approved procedure.


Disclosures of Interest


Councillor Lusby disclosed a personal and prejudicial interest in the planning application 5/2009/1489, submitted by St Albans City & District Council, and referred to in Minute no. 9 below because she was the Portfolio Holder for Housing Services.  She left the meeting and the meeting room during discussion of that item.


Councillor Frearson disclosed a personal and non-prejudicial interest in planning application 5/2009/1359, as recorded in Minute no. 5 below, because he was a member of the Verulam Residents’ Association which had opposed that planning application.  However, Councillor Frearson advised that he had not attended any meeting of the Association when the planning application had been discussed.


Councillors Gaygusuz and Teare both advised that at a previous meeting of this Committee they had considered and expressed views on the planning application in relation to the property referred to in Minute no. 10 below.  The Principal Legal Executive advised the Committee that in his opinion these were not disclosures of interest since it was a planning application which the Committee would be asked to consider afresh later at this meeting.


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To confirm the Minutes of Meeting No. 5 of the Committee held on 1 September 2009.


The Minutes of Meeting no. 5 of the Committee held on 1 September 2009 were taken as read and confirmed.


Plans PDF 41 KB

A list of planning Applications to be considered at this meeting is attached.


Please note: The planning applications may no be heard in the order set out in the index attached.  Applications which appear to be of most interest to the members of the public present will usually be taken at the beginning of the agenda. 


Having taken into account further representations received and reported orally by the Interim Head of Planning and Building Control, the applications for planning consent were dealt with as set out below.


5/2009/1359/OUTLINE 09.07.2009 - Outline Application (Means of Access Sought) for the Erection of 150 Residential Dwellings with Associated Access - Former Playing Fields, King Harry Lane, St Albans PDF 311 KB

Additional documents:


Following careful consideration, the Chairman invited the Committee to include as a reason for refusal the planning issues of overdevelopment of the site and the proposed development being out of keeping with the surrounding development.  The Committee declined to do this.




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