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Venue: St. Dunstan's CofE Primary School, Anne Boleyn's Walk, Cheam

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The Committee to approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 11 June and 6 August.

Additional documents:


The Minutes of the meetings held on 11 June and 6 August 2009 were approved as correct records, and signed by the Chair.





Apologies were received from Councillor David Pickles and Jack Hamilton.  It was noted that Councillor Barry Russell would have to leave the meeting at 9.00pm.


There were two updates further to Minute 623/09.


Firstly Ian Kershaw, Locality Lead Officer provided an update on Kings Lee Court.  The Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) Manager had consulted the residents and it had been agreed that a barrier would be erected, this to be funded from the SHP budget.  Councillor Tony Shields said that two barriers had been requested, one for each entrance.  Unfortunately quotations had been obtained for a barrier across the garage entrance – something that had not been asked for.  He had taken up the case and the mistake would be rectified. 


Regarding the suggested left turn filter lane into High Street, Cheam, the Chair reported that a representation had been sent to Transport for London (TfL).  Paul Tugwell confirmed that officers had identified a gap in the traffic light phasing where a left turn filter could be introduced.  The Chair reported that as soon as the Council received news from TfL, it would be reported to this Committee.


The Chair asked the Committee whether it wished to start meetings of this Committee at 7.00pm in future.  This was agreed with the caveat that the open forum session be placed nearer to 7.30pm if possible, to benefit any public who may find it difficult to attend for 7.00pm. 


The Chair reported that The Executive had approved the Local Implementation Plan for traffic schemes and had put STEPS Zone 6 on the reserve list.  This STEPS zone covered the area around Anne Boleyn’s Walk.  The Chair said this listing was not ideal but at least the area was on a list.


            Resolved: To note the updates and to agree that future meetings of this Committee start at 7.00pm.




An opportunity for members of the public to raise points or questions about local issues that are not already on the agenda for this meeting.  The time allowed will be at the discretion of the Chair, to finish no later than 8pm.


Questions about items on the agenda will be taken when the item is considered.


The submission of all questions in advance would be helpful – to the Area

Co-ordinator whose contact details are shown on the front of this agenda, or


Dr Keith Watkin asked, with reference to the 6 August 2009 meeting, about progress with implementing of the Committee resolutions for Banstead Road, in particular the removal of the build-outs. 


Paul Tugwell confirmed that an engineer had been assigned to the project.  Officers were drawing up proposals and they would be liaising with ward councillors and other interested parties as soon as possible.  One of the possible measures was new to this Borough and it was being followed up with boroughs where it had been used, to see whether it was effective. 


There followed some discussion of the matter and Paul Tugwell said officers hoped to be in contact with residents within a few weeks.  The Chair said that this was important and he would not want any delay as a result of them checking first with ward councillors.  It had been quite clear that the resolution of the Committee had been that removal of the build-outs was not dependant on an alternative scheme being phased in and they reinforced this message for officers.


The Chair mentioned replacement street lamp stands in Chalgrove Road.  Ian Kershaw said he had spoken to Steve Shew and seen some of the e-mail exchanges involving Mr Shew, the resident and Councillor Shields.  In short, Steve Shew was willing to meet with the resident on site; this was welcomed by the ward councillors who would like to join in.  Councillor Shields was concerned in that everyone had been given short notice of the change in lamp stands and this was disappointing given that the road was in an area of special local character and everyone could have provided input to try and improve the street scene.  The Chair observed that the local residents association could provide an input and spread information to their members; it was disappointing that this facility had not been utilised by the Council in this case.  The amount of bad feeling could have been reduced had there been better liaison between the Council and the recognised residents association.


John Morgan, resident of Banstead Road South said that he lived in the middle of the stretch of road where traffic calming measures (speed cushions) had been installed against the wishes of the majority of residents.   Responsible drivers of smaller cars had reduced their speed to 30mph or less as a result but those of larger vehicles had not as they were able to drive straight over the cushions without impact to their vehicles.  He asked:


“Do you consider the scheme to have been a success; has its impact been measured and has it provided value for money?”


Councillor Peter Geiringer reiterated his view that ward councillors had been forced to accept the scheme, as to not do so would leave the authority open to action if there was an accident.  He said that the last two speed cushions by Crossways seemed to be very high and asked that officers double-check the measurements.  In terms of effectiveness, he thought it was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 771.


neighbourhood recycling centres PDF 69 KB

Report by Matt Clubb, Head of Waste Management and Fleet Services


Matt Clubb, Head of Waste Management and Fleet Services, presented his report which included A3 size coloured maps showing existing and proposed neighbourhood recycling centres (NRCs).  The report summarised the findings of widespread consultation on recycling services and resulting changes to facilities in this Committee’s area.


The findings included the suggestion that there should be more services provided at the sites. It was proposed that two of the sites should be removed as these sites only provided a paper and glass recycling scheme that was now part of the borough wide kerbside collection service.  It was proposed to expand facilities at five of the NRC sites with one site seeing the provisions unchanged. The changes were as follows:


  • Overton Park, Overton Road - Site to include provision to recycle textiles
  • Hulverston Close, Brighton Road - Site to include provision to recycle textiles
  • Kingsway Road Car Park – Site to include provision to recycle batteries
  • Cheam Library Car Park – Site to include provision to recycle foil
  • The Quadrant, Brighton Road – Site to include provision to recycle batteries
  • Area opposite Belmont Public House, Brighton Road – Provisions unchanged
  • Scout HQ, Malden Road – Site to be removed
  • Community Hall, Downs Road – Site to be removed


Matt Clubb said there had been a reduction in the amount of recyclables collected at sites – this had been particularly marked with glass (47%) since introduction of the kerbside collection.  He could report the Borough-wide figures but not those for each site.  Therefore In order to improve the data collected regarding the tonnage delivered to the sites it was proposed to investigate the use of microchips in the bins at the NRCs.  This would enable officers to record tonnages efficiently and more accurately, providing improved data to ensure all future developments of the sites are explored.


The consultation findings and comments from all local committees would be included in a report to The Executive shortly. 


In response to a question from Councillor Barry Russell, Matt Clubb said that some people were still taking glass to the NRCs – these were likely to be flat owners or people whose bins were overflowing.  He confirmed that glass collected from NRCs were sorted by clear glass and coloured glass at depots. 


Dr Watkin, resident, mentioned a fortnightly food waste collection at another authority and asked whether Sutton was proposing something similar.  Matt Clubb said that the Borough was trialling this at 2,500 properties in the Carshalton area.  In tandem with that initiative, Sutton was monitoring participation and tonnage collection rates and attempting to compare results with Merton, Kingston and Croydon with whom Sutton was in partnership and running the scheme borough-wide.  The Chair observed that there would be analysis of facilities in the four boroughs in the light of a future contract when the Boroughs would have to decide where material was to be recycled locally, i.e. to preclude the need to transport it to other parts of the country.


            Resolved:  ...  view the full minutes text for item 772.



A short presentation by Monica Tyler, Chief Executive of the Sutton and Merton Vine Project


The Chair reported that The Vine Project were unable to send a representative to this meeting to give the intended presentation.  This had also been the case for other local committees in the current round.  However it was hoped that the presentation would be given to a future meeting so the issue would be kept on the Committee’s work plan.


            Resolved: To note.




Report by Paul Tugwell, Principal Traffic Engineer


Paul Tugwell, Principal Engineer, submitted a detailed report on proposals for STEPS Zone 7, which covered residential areas either side of The Broadway and south of High Street, Cheam.  The report included the results of local public consultation on what were perceived to be the problems in the area and the results of traffic counts in the roads used by drivers to avoid the Cheam Village crossroads. 


In summary, the proposals to alleviate the identified problems included:


  • The introduction of ‘Open Road Closures’ along Park Lane (adjacent to the estate agents) and Park Road (adjacent to the public house);
  • The reinstatement of the two-way operation along Park Road (subject to the open road closure along Park Road being introduced);
  • The introduction of ‘yellow box’ markings to assist drivers, when entering the High Street (extended to include the junction with Dallas Road), Malden Road and The Broadway;
  • The introduction of 20mph speed limits along Park Lane, Parkside, Park Road, Love Lane, Stafford Close, Church Farm Lane and Springclose Lane;
  • The introduction of one set of speed cushions, to physically ensure that the 20mph limit is successful, along Park Road.
  • Modifications to the junction of Park Road and Love Lane.


It was noted that the only roads where a majority of residents opposed a 20mph speed limit were Dallas Road, Scotsdale Close and Tabor Gardens.  Officers agreed that because 24 or 25 mph was the normal speed of traffic using these roads, no further action need be taken.  Therefore the roads would be omitted from the statutory consultation on the proposed 20mph speed limits.  The plan accompanying the report included diagrams of proposed open road closures for Park Road and Park Lane.  Paul Tugwell explained how this measure worked.  Only emergency and service vehicles were allowed to enter roads via the closures.  He emphasised that residents of Park Road, Parkside and Park Lane would therefore be affected but this had been made clear to them during the consultation.  The vast majority of residents accepted the position as it would remove heavy traffic and attendant problems from their roads. 


There was input from residents on a number of issues including:


  • Who would enforce the open road closure?.  Paul Tugwell explained that these had to be self-enforcing and the rough paving in the road would draw attention to offending vehicles and give those inside them an uncomfortable ride
  • Would any parking bays alongside Cheam Park in Parkside be lost? Paul Tugwell said no and indeed there may be scope for more bays in Park Lane because traffic flow would drop.  He would also investigate the suggestion that there be a disabled bay nearby for the doctors’ surgery.
  • Mr and Mrs Quemby representing cyclists’ interests were worried that the track for cyclists within the open road closures was too narrow  - Park Lane and Park Road were on the cycle routes for the Borough – and cyclists using them would be on the wrong side  ...  view the full minutes text for item 774.



Sutton South ward councillors have asked for this matter to be included on the agenda.  The Council’s proposals map is attached.


There was included with the agenda a plan showing double yellow lines in Milestone Close, extending into Langley Park Road.   At the invitation of the Chair, Mr Jones addressed the meeting and explained that he was representing the residents of Milestone Close (8 houses).  For some years residents of the Close had indicated that they wished to be excluded from the CPZ.  In general there had not been any problems although there was the occasional incidence of obstructive parking which could prevent service vehicles entering Milestone Close.  The residents were proposing that there be double yellow lines along the northern side of the Close and on opposite corners, as shown on the plan.  The Committee was asked that to support the proposal. 


Councillor Paul Newman explained that Council officers had been proposing additional single yellow lines; this was when the residents had approached ward councillors.  The plan on the agenda depicted what the residents would like.  Councillors had canvassed opinion of residents of the 8 houses and 65-69a Langley Park Road.  They were therefore recommending that officers consult with residents if need be, with a view to early implementation of the double yellow line scheme.  A better version of the plan was handed to the Chair and he signed and passed this on to Paul Tugwell.  Councillor Tony Shields hoped that the scheme could be implemented as soon as possible given that consultation with all affected residents had been carried out.


Paul Tugwell said that he would pass on the paperwork to Peter Ashley, Traffic Engineer.  It appeared to show clearly that a majority of residents wished the proposed scheme to go ahead.  Therefore Mr Ashley would be asking for permission to go to statutory consultation.  There was however a question of funding to which Councillor Shields replied that ward councillors would deal with that issue if need be, as they did not want such a small scheme delayed for the lack of funding.


            Resolved:  (i) To agree the scheme proposed by residents and Sutton South ward councillors for the purposes of statutory consultation and the paperwork be handed to Peter Ashley with a view to him progressing the matter;


(ii)  To note that if the funding is not available for the consultation then the ward councillors undertake to have that aspect of the work carried out.




Update by the local Police inspector/ safer neighbourhood teams.


Inspector Chris Riggs provided an update.  Firstly he reported that Police Community Support Officers should be primarily engaged in liaising with the community and intelligence gathering.  Police officers were responsible for the enforcement that came from the intelligence gathering and responding to anti-social behaviour.  Ward priorities were as follows:




  • Anti-social behaviour in Hulverstone Close / Shanklin estate.  There was an additional PC on duty there and Sgt. McWilliams was working with Sutton Housing Partnership with a view to eviction proceedings against those causing the major problems
  • Road safety and speeding (including Banstead Road in the short term even though it was not in the team’s geographical area)








  • Anti-social behaviour in and around Cheam Park including a specific incident the previous weekend.  Temporary cover was being arranged at sergeant level and arrangements put in place to deal with any repeat in October.  Action would continue to be taken against retailers selling alcohol to under-age drinkers; one premises in another ward had had its license revoked for 28 days


Sutton South


  • Drug dealing in Sutton Court/Ambleside Gardens/ Sherborne Court.  8 arrests had been made for cocaine and heroin cultivation /use /supply in these areas following intelligence gathering
  • Theft from vehicles – sometime this occurred to fund drug habits.  There had been some education of drivers as regards not leaving items on view in their cars, with positive results


Inspector Riggs said that in general he was ensuring that officers received the correct training to enforce the law; this included enforcement of road traffic regulations using speed guns and overt filming using video cameras.


The Chair received an assurance that there would be rapid enforcement of speeding in Banstead Road and Higher Drive in Cheam ward.   He asked for a report back on this issue in a few months time.  Councillor Peter Geiringer asked for similar action in Banstead Road and Banstead Road South in the Carshalton area.  He noted that drivers using Crossways did not always observe the priority signs.


Inspector Riggs would liaise with Councillor Geiringer regarding apparent Police inaction over a hit-and-run accident, and Councillor Pamela Picknett on occasional incidents of people sleeping in vehicles overnight in Overton Road. 


Alan Hyslop commented on the incident the previous weekend in Cheam Park.  As a result he had been presented by a petition to Paul Burstow MP, signed by approximately 30 residents who had had enough of the problems in and around the park.  They felt let down by the Police and Council.   Mr Hyslop said that he had lost count of the number of times that he had asked for the park gates to be locked.  Regarding the pedestrian gate at the end of Tudor Close (by the double gates for vehicles) he had been told in the past by the Council that it could not be locked as it would ‘go against the human rights of people who were in the park after dark’.  There was also a space in Tudor Close near the allotments  ...  view the full minutes text for item 776.



Update by Peter Ashley, Traffic Engineer




There is a need to introduce a scheme in Netley Close and Tudor Close that would make it easier to park without impeding passing traffic flow.  Committee have asked Officers to carry out a survey to gauge resident opinion on the proposals.


Yellow Line Scheme


Officers have drafted the consultation survey documents and intend sending them out by the end of September 2009 with a return date of mid-October (please see attached documents).  Officers will report the outcome of the survey to committee.


Note – Please note these schemes are not funded.  A similar survey regarding proposals for Tilehurst Road will be carried out at the same time and documents are being prepared.

Additional documents:


Further to Minute 364/09 Peter Ashley, Traffic Engineer provided a written update.  The consultation documents for these three roads had been drafted and for Tudor Close and Netley Close were included with the agenda.  They would be sent out at the end of September 2009 with a return date of mid-October.  It was noted that the proposed schemes were not funded.


The Chair proposed that any controls for Tudor Close should be in force on Sundays as well as Saturdays and that the Committee would be happy to go along with what the majority of residents wanted.  Alan Hyslop thought that the consultation letter could be clearer on whether further consultation would be carried out prior to implementation.  He also observed that what might be agreed for one part of Tudor Close might not be agreeable for the other part and this should be borne in mind.  The Chair said that he would pick up this point when relaying the Committee’s decision to Mr Ashley.


            Resolved:  To agree the proposed consultation with the addition of Sunday controls for Tudor Close and to note that the Chair will advise Peter Ashley of Alan Hyslop’s comments.




An update by Peter Ashley, Traffic Engineer, is attached.

Additional documents:


Peter Ashley, Traffic Engineer, submitted a written update.  The results of a previous consultation had indicated the need for minor amendments to the existing controlled parking zone.  Those roads outside the zone e.g. Banstead Road South (between Downs Road and Pine Walk), Fairlawn Road and part of Fairway, were in favour to be incorporated into the Belmont CPZ.  Detailed proposals were drawn up and statutory consultation carried out.  Comments/objections were received from residents who resided in neighbouring roads and the adjacent ward (Carshalton South & Clockhouse) highlighting the possibility of displaced parking upon implementation and that their roads should be included in the Council consultation.


Committee had instructed officers to carry out a separate public consultation on proposals to introduce a yellow line scheme in these roads.  Survey documents were included with the agenda, to go out at the end of September/early October 2009.  Residents would be asked whether they wanted a yellow line scheme without bays to be in force for a short period during the day, Monday to Friday.  The second option was to do nothing.  The results of the consultation survey would be reported to Committee.


Ken Moser, Chair of Carshalton Beeches Residents Association, addressed the meeting at the invitation of the Chair.  He had spoken to Peter Ashley regarding the extension of the CPZ.  One concern was the splitting of Fairway into two parts.  It also seemed that the Council was proposing to put yellow lines down both sides of roads of the affected areas, which the Association had argued against.  They preferred lines on one side only of roads off Banstead Road South.and thought that their argument had been accepted by officers.  Mr Moser estimated that about 85% of residents he had consulted within his Association’s area including Banstead Road South wanted some sort of control but did not want yellow lines on both sides of the roads.  The Association was in support of proposals for Banstead Road South.


The Chair reported that Mr Ashley had anticipated what Mr Moser wanted as a ‘third option’ and did not regard this as a problem in terms of including it in the impending consultation.  It was clarified by Mr Moser that he would wish this to be effective for the whole area that his Association represented including Banstead Road South.  The Chair observed that Mr Ashley might wish to include the ‘third option’ for the area to the west of Banstead Road South as well.  


            Resolved:  To agree that the third option of including yellow lines on one side of affected roads only be included in the consultation and to note that the Chair would be relaying this decision to Peter Ashley shortly.




Report by Ian Kershaw, Locality Lead Officer


Ian Kershaw, Locality Lead Officer, presented his detailed report on the committee’s public realm programme.  He updated the Committee on certain issues and asked them to take the report’s recommendations in turn.


Tennis courts in Cheam Park


The fencing had not been completed but this would be done next month.


Tree planting


Ian Kershaw said that representations regarding street tree replacement had been received from Peter Mattey and Mr Medcalf, resident.  Officers had confirmed that there was insufficient funding to replace all of the trees that had been removed due to disease or being unsafe.  Therefore he was now proposing that an extra £5,000 could be allocated for both tree and shrub replacement.


It was noted that tree planting and maintenance cost approximately £200 per tree.  The Chair proposed that £2,000 be allocated to each ward, i.e. 10 trees per ward.  For Cheam ward six of these could be within the Belmont and South Cheam Residents Association’s (BSCRA) area.  Peter Mattey welcomed this as 26 trees had been removed in the last month, 17 of which were estimated to be less than three years old.  An important point therefore was better protection for saplings and he had offered to Ben Morris the Association’s help to protect existing trees and possibly fund some new ones.  He would meet with Ben Morris soon. 


Following a question from Councillor Peter Geiringer about the Mayor of London possibly providing funding for new trees, Ian Kershaw said that he would follow up this matter.


BMX track


Ian Kershaw reported the reasons why the BMX track for Cheam Park was unlikely to be built on the identified site.  In any event, construction would not be going ahead in the current financial year so he was recommending that £40,000 be removed from the 2009/10 allocation and provision be made in the 2010/11 budget.  Notwithstanding the viability of the Cheam Park site, as a result of discussions he had held he was convinced that there was demand for a track in the Borough and asked the Committee to consider a reference to The Executive in that context.  The Committee accepted the position with regard to Cheam Park with some regret.  In terms of a BMX track for the whole borough, if a suitable site could be found then all local committees should contribute equally and this Committee would be prepared to earmark £6,500 from its 2009/10 public realm allocation.  This offer was made subject to a decision being made quickly and for a new BMX track only (not Watercress Park or any other existing or new project).  


The Lodge, Cheam Park


Ian Kershaw said that Sutton Housing Partnership had been consulted regarding The Lodge, Cheam Park.  They were unable to take on the property so it was proposed that it be retained as a Council dwelling and let by the parks service to an employee, i.e. as a service tenancy.


There was some discussion about use of public realm money for projects such as The Lodge,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 779.



An updated work plan is attached.


The Committee received an updated work plan.  The Chair said that Sutton Lodge and the junction of Burdon Lane and Manor Road would be added to the work plan for consideration at the next meeting. 


Further to the Open Forum discussion earlier in the meeting, Councillor Peter Geiringer asked for the following:


1) Traffic surveys of Downsway and Crossways, to gauge whether there had been an increase of traffic since the speed cushions had been installed 


2) A new traffic speed survey of that part of Banstead Road South which has the speed cushions


3) A questionnaire to residents to see whether they are satisfied with the effectiveness of speed cushions


4) A report back on the height of the two cushions near Crossways.  


The Chair said that in regard to 1, 2 and 4, Councillor Geiringer should submit a request to Paul Tugwell, Principal Traffic Engineer, direct; if there was anything on 1 and 2 needing this Committee’s attention then it could be put on the work plan.   With item 3, the Chair suggested that ward councillors need to ascertain residents’ views.  It was noted that the part of Banstead Road South which had the speed cushions was in Belmont ward, but it was important that members liaised with Carshalton South and Clockhouse ward councillors if residents in that Committee’s area were likely to be affected.


Resolved: (i) To note the submitted work plan and that additional items will be added to it;


(ii)That Councillor Geiringer take forward, with Paul Tugwell and fellow ward councillors, issues 1-4 as outlined above. 




The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 19 November – at the Civic Offices, Sutton, starting at 7.30pm.





The next meeting would be held on Thursday 19 November – at the Civic Offices, Sutton starting at 7.00pm.

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