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Venue: Conference Room, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Penelope Williams 

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Welcome and apologies


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Councillors Adrian Croshaw, Andrew Stafford and Christiana During and Mike Ahuja, Head of Corporate Scrutiny sent their apologies for absence. 


Declaration of Interests PDF 27 KB

Members are asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interests relevant to items on the agenda. 


There were no declarations of interest. 


Recession Action Plan PDF 27 KB

To receive a report on the work the council is carrying out to mitigate the effects of the recession in Enfield including information on the recession action plan presented to Council last year.


The panel received a report on the Economic Recovery Plan which was an update on the measures being taken to mitigate the effects of the recession in Enfield. 


Clive Tritton, Interim Programme Manager Place Shaping and Enterprise, introduced the report highlighting the following. 


  • The report presented to the panel was an update on the economic place shaping aspects of the recession action plan discussed at Council in September 2009. 


  • Quarterly updates on the Economic Recovery Plan were being provided and were available on the council’s website under the From Recession to Growth button. 


Comments/Questions/Issues raised


1.         Website


1.1       Members felt that it would be helpful if all documents mentioned in reports could include web links as it was often difficult to find things in the website. 


1.2       From recession to growth was on the front page of the website, but has recently been removed. 


2.         Report on Recession Action Plan


2.1       The original recession action plan was launched at Council in September and had been referred to the scrutiny panel for examination and scrutiny and to enable the panel to consider whether there were other issues that should be included. 


2.2       Members were confused about the status of the different documents and how they linked together. 


2.3       The recession action plan informed the work that is being carried out and is being monitored through quarterly monitoring reports.   The report presented to the panel dealt with approximately two thirds of the issues in the original action plan. 


2.4       The issues highlighted in the recession action plan are on top of other work that it is going on as usual; a set of new actions.  Many other Council initiatives, such as the investment in quality design on the streets will have an impact on the recession. 


2.5       Sue Foster is the director with responsibility for co-ordinating all the actions in the plan; those within the place shaping department and elsewhere in the council. 


3.         Apprenticeships


3.1       The council is planning to take on 45 apprentices across the next 2 years, but this has to be considered along with a package of measures being to help young people obtain jobs, such as the Backing Young Britain scheme, internships and other voluntary schemes. 


3.2       The projects funded through the working neighbourhoods fund enable the council to pilot new ways of working, which if successful, can be later rolled out across the borough. 


4.         Support for Disabled People



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