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Venue: Tranmere Rovers FC, Prentonian Suite, Borough Road, Birkenhead CH42 9PY

Contact: Louise Harland-Davies  Area Forum Co-ordinator

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Welcome and Introductions


Cllr Williams apologised for late start and welcomed 40 members of the public and the new Neighbourhood Inspector, Roy McGregor to the meeting who replaces Inspector Paul Harrison for the Oxton area.


Cllr Williams stated the theme for the evening “Mental Health Matters”, the first hour would consist of area forum business and the second hour to talk to representatives  from NHS Wirral, Department of Adult Social Service (DASS), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust (CWP), Advocacy in Wirral. Partner organisations were also available including: Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Community Safety, Older People’s Parliament, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Merseyside Police, Streetscene,


Cllr Williams referred to a letter from Robbie Bell who tendered his resignation from the area forum. Chair requested a thank you letter be sent for Robbie’s and Inspector Paul Harrison contributions to the area forum.


Minute decision:

            Letter of thanks to be sent to Robbie Bell and Inspector Paul Harrison for their contribution to the Oxton/Prenton area forum



Minutes and Matters Arising from June 2009 Forum


The minutes were agreed and there were several matters arising as follows:

  • Holm Lane. Parking restrictions have been endorsed by the Sustainable Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 21 September 2009 and have now been approved for implementation.
  • Recycling bins for flats in Prenton area: grey recycling bins have been distributed
  • Dog fouling bag dispenser scheme in Oxton: Mark Smith Technical Services has met with the Oxton Society and further discussions will be taking place to develop the scheme
  • Parking in Osmaston Road: Mark Smith, Technical Services has had further discussions with Mr Bird and at this stage there are no proposals to take further action.



Area Co-ordinator's Report PDF 1 MB


Louise Harland-Davies introduced herself and highlighted the following sections contained within the report:


i.                    Local partner updates: page 10 onwards

ii.                  Diversity Day event: Wednesday 4 November at Wallasey Town Hall open to all page 34.

iii.                You Decide: Oxton and Prenton area forum had an extra £20,000 to spend on additional services in the local community. The outcome of the completed questionnaires for 2009/10 are as follows: Litter bins £4,500, activities for young people £10,000, £4,800 alleygates  and £700 for a bench

iv.                Integrated Transport Block: the outcome of the completed questionnaires for 2009/10 for the £18,200 available is as follows: split between road crossing islands and vehicular activated signs.

v.                  Funds for You: excess funding for small grants programme currently available and all community groups are encouraged to apply.



Area Plans


Cllr Williams stated that Eastham area is hosting a community roadshow where there will be a drop in session for everyone to look at the current plans and have a say in revising/refreshing them.


Agreement was sought if Oxton/Prenton area forum should adopt this approach. This was agreed in principle.


Cllr Williams referred to a Governance Review consultation that is currently taking place of which copies were available if anyone wished to give their views and participate.


Minute decision:


            That a drop in session be arranged for February 2010 from 2.00pm onwards for consultation on refreshing the Oxton/Prenton area plan



Mental Health Issues - NHS Wirral


Cllr Williams introduced Debbie Mayor, NHS Wirral to the forum. Debbie gave an overview of her presentation ‘Beating the Blues’ and highlighted key facts including:


  • One in four people will experience some form of mental health issue in their life
  • Higher number of more severe mental health issues in Wirral than across North West region
  • At March 2008 – 30,000 registered in Wirral with mental health issues (of which 630 in Prenton ward and 465 in Oxton ward)
  • Training and education for staff, support at home, more help for carers and memory services by April 2010


Cllr Williams invited questions from the floor.


John Brace – Will the Stein Centre at St Catherines’ remain or move?


Debbie Mayor – The Stein Centre will continue to provide mental health community teams and alcohol services. Two wards at Clatterbridge are currently being refurbished and will be ready in January 2010.


Alan Dollery – What type of services would be bought in with regard to Community Advice Service?


Debbie Mayor – Some examples were given in the presentation, that Cheshire & Wirral Partnership Trust currently buying or planning to buy and there will be a joined up approach with Local Authority and Department of Adult Social Services, Children & Young People and Voluntary Sector.


John Brace – Are Voluntary and Community groups aware that NHS have to buy in?


Debbie Mayor – Vast number of services in Voluntary Sector are led/taken forward by Local Authority in partnership with Department of Adult Social Services. The last couple of years NHS have commissioned services directly from Voluntary Sector. For example, Primary Care Advice Liaison Service are moving away from buying beds in hospitals to more local community based services. Outcomes will be measured and regular monitoring will take place.


Jean McCarthy – If you suspect that someone may be in early stages of dementia, is there a test to determine this?


Debbie Mayor – The first port of call generally is GP who has the option to refer to Cheshire & Wirral Partnership specialist services for a full assessment by consultant psychiatrist. Developing Memory Services in each location with some GP, nurse, social care input from Voluntary Sector (Age Concern / Alzheimer’s Society) for early detection/intervention.


Andrew Taylor – Carers are exploited and unpaid and this is a big problem. Relatives become carers, pleased to hear that this type of service will be available.


Chris Shaw, Advocacy in Wirral – Early intervention is crucial as this can stop becoming medical issues later on.


Cllr Holbrook –these are the very services at the top of the list to get ‘squeezed’ when spending reviews come in.

Cllr Bridson stated that she is Chair of Social Care & Health and Well Being Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Cheshire East / Cheshire West and Chester / Wirral Joint Scrutiny Committee. She informed the meeting

·        that the Citizens Advice Bureau based at Arrowe Park Hospital is under pressure with extra work at the moment and asked for this to be considered  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Public question time


Diane Toomey – asked Councillors when considering any planning applications for the site at corner of Elm Road North/Woodchurch Road following the recent fire that local residents are informed prior to any decision being made.

Cllr Williams - offered her sympathies to Diane and residents of that area with regard to recent fire.


Cllr Holbrook – also offered sympathies after such a traumatic experience. It is very much early days and the expectation currently is to secure the site and tidy up. The Council’s Emergency Planning Officer is working with Fire & Rescue Service and the Police before the site can be released. With regard to planning, the two properties involved are retail and mixed use developments and it would be problematic to deviate from that type of use for any future applications. There may not be sufficient demand for use of land given the current economic climate. Residents would of course, be involved under the rules of the consultation process. The properties concerned could be restored as they were previously under appropriate fire insurance.


Cllr Bridson – the building belongs to Plucks and is not in ownership of the Council therefore it would be up to Plucks to inform residents of their intentions, as it was their building that set the other alight.


David Holt – expressed concerns that if the land is left open it could become a dumping ground/fly tipping which could lead to more fires and asked if the area could be policed?


Cllr Holbrook – reported that fly tipping is a criminal offence.


Inspector McGregor – informed the forum that the site is covered by CCTV.


Patrick Dowling – enquired about the condition of the roof of Williamson Art Gallery. Concerned that such valuable contents of the building could be damaged and get into disrepair. He had written to Cllr Willaims and received a detailed response. Will the Council maintain this gem, particularly in light of the Wirral Museum, as all ages use this facility. What is the outlook for the gallery?


Rob Beresford – the Council is doing it’s best to make good the problems that have occurred. The gallery is a grade 2 listed building. The cost to repair the roof is £250,000. A long lasting sustainable solution is required. It is proposed to bid for capital funds which will be judged alongside other bids against the Council’s priorities.


June Foster – would personally like to thank Cllr Williams on behalf of people of Wirral for her efforts in regard to closure of libraries.


Cllr Williams – wished to point out that Cllr Southwood was also opposed to library closures.


Mr Dowling – inquired to outcome of enquiry and when the report would be available?


Cllr Williams – report has not yet been published and should be available towards end of October.


Alan Dollery – received an email from Mr Fletcher (also sent to Cllr’s Holbrook and Bridson) regarding the rehabilitation centre in Prenton Village Road. Reason to believe this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Partner Updates


Martin McEwan – wished to point out that in the area forum report it stated that the anti viral collection point for tamiflu would be available all day at the health centre at Arrowe Park Hospital, this will actually be at either Tesco, Bidston or Adsa, Wallasey. From Tuesday, it will be available at Boots Bromborough Retail park.


The vaccination programme continues and swine flu is likely to return with a vengeance.


Minute decision:

            That partners be thanked for their updates.


Date of future meetings

Wednesday 3 February 2010


Wednesday 3 February 2010, venue to be confirmed.


Cllr Williams thanked the public and forum members for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40pm. All present were invited to take refreshments in the adjoining room and talk to colleagues listed below.



Drop in session: Meet your local councillors and representatives from:

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service                                                        

      Community Safety                                                                                    

      Older People’s Parliament                                  

      Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

      Merseyside Police



Ø      NHS Wirral - Meet representatives providing support and services around mental health


            Department of Adult Social Service (DASS)  

            Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

            Cheshireand Wirral Partnership Trust (CWP)

            Advocacy in Wirral



Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service                                     

Community Safety                                                                             

Older People’s Parliament                               

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Merseyside Police



NHS Wirral - meet representatives providing support and services around mental health:


Department of Adult Social Service (DASS)  

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust (CWP)

Advocacy in Wirral


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