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Venue: Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton

Contact: Sue Sheppard, Principal Committee Manager Tel. 020 8770 5116 Email 

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Apologies for Absence & Notification of Substitutes


Cllrs Richard Butt and John Leach for absence: Cllr Janet Lowne substituted for Cllr Leach.




Minutes of the Previous Meeting PDF 69 KB

Held on 6 October 2009



Joint waste Development Plan Document - Report on Consultation on Preferred Sites & Policies and Next Steps PDF 129 KB

Report of Executive Head of Planning &Transportation

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Further to Minute 07/09, Philip James presented the results of the consultation on the Preferred Sites & Policies report.  Details were reported of the various methods of consultation that had been undertaken.  This included seminars held in each borough, face-to-face discussions with local groups and meetings with organisations including the GLA, GOL, Environment Agency and representatives from the waste management industry.  The comments that had been received as a result were set out in schedules appended to the report, together with officers’ initial recommendations.  These recommendations had been considered and endorsed last week by the Joint Waste Members Group.  It was noted that representations were still being received and these would be analysed and reported back to Members in due course.


The key issues raised by respondees to the consultation were highlighted.  A number of additional sites to those listed in the draft Waste Plan had been suggested by members of the public, operators etc.  It was recommended that a further, supplementary consultation should be carried out specifically on the new sites, to enable residents and other stakeholders to comment prior to the document being submitted to the Secretary of State. 


Further work also needed to be carried out on a number of other issues and concerns that had been raised in the consultation, around traffic, air quality and nature conservation impacts.  The Planning Inspectorate had produced further guidance on additional work around the issue of ‘deliverability’, which also needed to be carried out prior to the Inspection.  All of this would have implications for the published timetable for completing the Plan.  A revised timetable with indicative dates to the adoption of the Waste Plan was submitted.  This had been submitted to GOL and their response was tabled.  Members thought that this response was not particularly helpful, given that the Partnership had made significantly more progress on its Waste Plan than the majority of other London boroughs.


Members asked when the supplementary consultation would start.  They were assured that the consultation would be timed to finish before the ‘purdah’ period for the local elections in May 2010.  The results of the consultation would be reported back to Members later in the year, following the elections.


Councillor Hall also queried the reference to hazardous waste.  Philip James confirmed that the Waste Plan would need to demonstrate how it was proposed to deal with the very small amount of waste generated in the partnership area, either locally or elsewhere.  There was no requirement to deal with any hazardous waste from outside the area.


Resolved: (i) To note the report, including the responses received so far to the consultation on the South London Joint Waste Plan draft Preferred Sites & Policies document; and


(ii) To RECOMMEND that The Executive:-


a. PDF 111 KB

Report of Executive Head of Planning & Transportation


The Mayor of London had published 3 draft replacement strategies for London: the London Plan; the Transport Strategy; and the Economic Development Strategy, consultation on which would close on 12 January 2010.  Sally Blomfield highlighted the key proposed changes from existing policy and identified those revised policies that officers felt should be supported and those which raised concerns in the Sutton context.  Her report also set out comments on the Mayor’s draft Revised Interim Housing SPG, which had been prepared to clarify the approach on backgarden land, affordable housing and housing density, prior to the adoption of the replacement London Plan.  It was proposed that the council’s response to the consultations should be based on the comments in the report.


Cllr Colin Hall, Executive Councillor for the Environment, said that he would be commenting on the following issues in the draft Transport Strategy, amongst others, and would be happy to share this with other PAG members:



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