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Minutes for Cabinet meeting, Mar 19 2010, 9.00AM official page

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Venue: Committee Room 4, Civic Centre

Contact: Judy Cordell  023 8083 2430

Items No. Item



To receive any apologies.


Statement from the Leader


Disclosure Of Personal And Prejudicial Interests

In accordance with the Local Government Act, 2000, and the Council’s Code of Conduct adopted on 16th May, 2007, Members to disclose any personal or prejudicial interests in any matter included on the agenda for this meeting.


NOTE:  Members are reminded that, where applicable, they must complete the appropriate form recording details of any such interests and hand it to the Democratic Support Officer


Exclusion Of The Press And Public - Confidential Papers Included In The Following Item

To move that in accordance with the Council’s Constitution, specifically the Access to Information procedure Rules contained within the Constitution, the press and public be excluded from the meeting in respect of any consideration of the confidential item no. 5

This report is not for publication by virtue of Category 3 (Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person including the Council) of paragraph 10.4 of the Council’s Access to Information Procedure Rules as contained in the Council’s Constitution. It is not considered to be in the public interest to disclose this information because the report contains confidential and commercially sensitive information relating to the terms on which the council may acquire a leasehold interest from a third party, that have not yet been completed, the disclosure of which at this time could adversely affect the council’s ability to secure its legal obligation to achieve the best consideration. Given the particular commercial sensitivity of the information and the fact that such disclosure could adversely impact the ability of the Council to meet its legal obligations and prejudice the financial position of the Council, in applying the public interest test, the Council considers that it serves the interests of the public better to withhold this information at this time given the potential adverse financial consequences of disclosure. Accordingly, it is considered that the public interest in withholding this information at this time is greater than the public interest in disclosing it.


Strategic Asset Acquisition

Report of the Cabinet Member for Resources and Workforce Planning seeking approval to acquire a strategic asset, attached.  


This report is submitted for consideration as urgent under Paragraph 16 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules in part 4 of the City Council’s Constitution, notice having been given to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee and the Public. 

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