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 To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting of the Neighbourhood Committee held on 27 May 2010


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 27 May 2010 be confirmed as a correct record. 




The Neighbourhood Manager, Barry Allen, gave a presentation on various issues of interest in the Borough.  The presentation included updates on the:


·                    project organised by RBK and Safer Neighbourhood teams with local Primary school children photographing ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ in their local environment

·                    Expanding our Primary Schools – Ellingham and Lovelace Primary Schools

·                    An Adventure Playground at the Moor Lane Centre – public consultation at Fun Day on 10 July 11am-4pm at the Moor Lane Centre

·                    Community Clean Up – Tolworth Road

·                    Chessington North / South Police Panel 16 June meeting – Telecare  (contact details for co-ordinator: 020 8547 6293)

·                    South of the Borough Neighbourhood Steering Group membership – volunteers sought (contact Gemma Gallant 020 8547 5919)



Additional documents:


The severe winter weather and volume and weight of traffic on Garrison Lane has caused the condition of the road to deteriorate rapidly and a structural assessment in the new year identified that extensive repairs and reconstruction are required along the whole length of Garrison Lane and on a small adjacent section of Church Lane. 


These major works offer the opportunity to improve the road layout to address a number of safety issues on Garrison Lane.  Two exhibitions have been provided for local public consultation on the road layout proposals.  Large scale drawings of the road layout proposals were available to view on display at the Neighbourhood Committee meeting and on the RBK website.


Councillors requested to be informed as soon as possible about the arrangements for diverting bus routes during the works and advised that that information needed to be sent to residents at the earliest opportunity so that it would be clear to residents how the services were being managed.  Thought would need to be given to how the upper end of Garrison Lane would be served, as well as the Copt Gilders end.  Councillors emphasised the acute need for public transport for many elderly and deprived residents in Chessington South and asked Officers to liaise with alternative transport providers such as Age Concern and Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport (RaKAT) to see if any alternative transport service could be provided during the works, to take vulnerable residents to the bus stops. (London Councils Grant funding could be sought for this service).  Members also reported that residents had expressed concerns about the state of Stokesby Road – these concerns would be passed to the Head of Highways Assets and Administration to investigate. 


Among the comments made by members of the public at the meeting were the following:

·                    need to plan for access by emergency vehicles, for example for residents on Selby Close

·                    can action be taken to prevent Heavy Goods Vehicles using Garrison Lane and contributing to the deterioration of the road surface, for example, advisory signage?  (Satnav has been reported as diverting HGVs down this route.)

·                    pleased that the bus stop near Crayke Hill would be put back opposite Coxwold Path.

·                    request that foliage obscuring the temporary bus stop on Bransby Road be cut back.




1.              the progress to date, road layout proposals, and the feedback from the exhibitions be noted.


2.              authority be delegated to the Director of Environment and Sustainability  to finalise any amendments to the detailed design (in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Committee and the ward councillors) and to implement those measures.


3.              the potential reallocation of funding from the Bridge Road improvements scheme to fund these works be noted.


Reason for the decision


To allow officers to proceed with the implementation of the reconstruction and new road layout proposals for Garrison Lane.




The Neighbourhood Committees can award grants of up to £750 towards the costs of projects or activities run by voluntary organisations in their area. Subject to certain criteria, the Committee can decide to award grant aid where an activity is of direct benefit to the residents of the Neighbourhood in terms of social welfare, sports, art, play and leisure activities, youth provision or environmental improvement.  The Committee noted that, having allocated the grants below, there would only be £180 remaining of the Committee’s £2,000 Grants budget, which would not give much scope for funding new groups during the year.  The Committee considered that it would be helpful to encourage local organisations to view Neighbourhood grant as pump-priming for new activities so that established activities might try to start seeking other sources of funding.




1)                 that grants be awarded as follows:


i)                    Connaught Opera                                                                                  £570


ii)                  Rotary Club of Surbiton                                                                         £500


iii)                Chessington Cricket Club                                                                      £750


2)                 ‘that the following guidance be provided for applicants for South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee grant funding:  The Neighbourhood Committee is unlikely to continue to support every year groups who apply each year for funding for the same activity.’


Reason for the decisions


To assist the voluntary organisations to carry out their activities in the Neighbourhood.



·                    South of the Borough Community Plan update

·                    Potential Forthcoming Business

·                    Traffic Scheme update

·                    Planning Appeals update


RESOLVED that the following information items be noted:


·        South of the Borough Community Plan update

·        Potential Forthcoming Business

·        Traffic Scheme update

·        Planning Appeals update

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