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Venue: Committee Rooms 1 & 2, the Civic Centre, Lampton Road

Contact: Wendy Merry on 020 8583 2061 or email at 

Items No. Item

Communications and Formal Business


Apologies for absence, declarations of interest and any other communication from Members


Minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2010 PDF 85 KB



Protocol for Speakers


        i)            Members of the public or applicants should contact the Committee Administrator, Wendy Merry on 020 8583 2061 with details of the proposed submission no later than 5 PM, on Thursday 2 December 2010. Notification will be given of the decision with regard to the request to speak. The Chair will decide whether or not to grant the request to speak.

      ii)            For planning applications, the applicants will only be allowed to speak if there is an objector who wishes to address the Area Committee.  In exceptional circumstances the Chair may agree that an applicant who would significantly add to the information already available will be allowed to speak at the Area Committee in the absence of an objector. If refusal is recommended then speakers would not normally be permitted.

    iii)            For all highways matters, if there are members of the public with opposing views regarding the proposal the chair will allow both sides to speak.  Generally, speakers will only be allowed to speak on issues where funding is available.

    iv)            With regard to planning applications, where both parties address the Area Committee, the order of speaking will be the applicants followed by the objectors.

      v)            Each party will be given no more than 5 minutes to speak.

    vi)            The Area Committee will consider submissions on up to 6 items per meeting: 3 planning applications and 3 highways matters.

  vii)            Written submissions must be made to the Committee Administrator before 4 pm on the day of the meeting.


Items on which there are speakers

Planning Applications for Decision


73 Hanworth Road, Hounslow PDF 131 KB

Additional documents:


WERFA Park, Woodland Gardens, Hounslow PDF 295 KB

Additional documents:


Any other business, which the Chair considers urgent

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