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Venue: Committee Room 1, Town Hall, Ilford, Essex 1G1 1DD

Contact: Rubina Kirmani, Committee Support Officer  Tel; 020 8708 2115. Email:

Items No. Item


Apologies for absence (ECSS/01/060411)


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs Huggett, Hussain, Tewari, Wilson & White. Councillor Ahmed attended as a substitute Member for Councillor Hussain.


Declaration of Interest (ECSS/02/060411)

Members are reminded of the requirement to consider whether they have an interest in any matter on the agenda that needs to be disclosed and, if so, to declare an interest when the Committee reaches that item on the agenda.


All Members in attendance were reminded of the requirement to consider whether they had an interest in any matter on the agenda that needed to be disclosed and, if so, declare the interest when the Committee reached that item on the agenda. 


Variation in Order of Business (ECSS/2a/060411)


In accordance with Standing Order 40.4, we agree to take Agenda item 12 (Work Programme) at this stage. 


Work Programme (ECSS/03/060411) PDF 114 KB


The purpose of the report was to provide an opportunity for Members to comment on our Committee’s 2010/11 work programme and scrutiny activity and invite any potential topics for scrutiny in 2011/12.


An extract of the Forward Plan/Cabinet Work Programme that fell under the remit of our Committee was provided at Appendix 1 to the report.


The Overview Committee at its meeting on 14 March 2011 took a report on democratic engagement and scrutiny structure.  As a result, it agreed to introduce changes aimed at encouraging more participation and impact. It also recommended three of these changes to Scrutiny Committees: a new process for appointing non-statutory co-optees; making committee meetings more family-friendly; and introducing new ways of monitoring performance.  Proposals for non-statutory co-optees were the subject of a separate report to those Scrutiny Committees with co-optees.  Recommendations for the other two changes were in 2.4 and 2.5 and explained in section 5 of the report.


Resolved: That we (i) note the Committee’s 2010/11 work programme and scrutiny activity;


(ii) suggest the following themes for the Environment and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee’s Work Programme in 2011/12:-


  • Enforcement & Street Scene to be considered at our meeting on 14th June 2011;
  • Inward investment to be considered at our meeting in September/October;
  • Parking Strategy to be considered at our meeting in October/November.


(iii) note that any potential Working Group topics related to the services within the portfolios covered by this Committee could be forwarded to the Overview Committee to consider;


(iv) agree to make Committee meetings more family friendly by having a maximum duration of 3 hours, with flexibility to extend this by a further time dependent upon the amount of unfinished business if a majority of the Members of the Committee present and voting agree; and


(v) agree that, with the general move away from performance monitoring by top-down, national indicators, this Scrutiny Committee considers at its first meetings in 2011/12 new ways of performance monitoring, with emphasis on ways that offer scope for the public and local organisations to input performance issues for scrutiny.


Minutes of previous meetings held on 31st January 2011 and 7th February 2011 (for signature) (ECSS/04/060411) PDF 37 KB

Additional documents:


Resolved: That we agree the minutes of our previous meetings held on 31st January 2011 and 7th February 2011. 


Public Participation: Statements, Questions, Deputations and Petitions (ECSS/05/060411)

To hear statements and questions from members of the public




Reports from Members attending meetings of outside bodies / conference (if any) (ECSS/06/060411)


Councillor Javed informed us that he had attended a meeting with Crossrail Management.


In addition the Cabinet Member for Planning & Regeneration took the opportunity to inform us that PDF 29 KB


At its last meeting the Committee called for a cross-party co-ordinated campaign to seek the rebuilding of Ilford Station rather than just improving the existing structure as part of the roll out Crossrail services by Crossrail Ltd and Network Rail.  The report updated our Committee on what had happened since and what was planned to happen to further this objective.


Resolved: That we note the current and ongoing position on Crossrail proposals for Ilford Station as set out in the report.


Any other items which the Chairman decides for the reasons stated are urgent (ECSS/13/060411)


Vote of Thanks

Our Chairman thanked Members of all Groups for their cooperation and their contribution to make our Committee successful.


Councillor Javed also thanked the Cabinet Member for his contribution to the Committee and for attending the meeting, and officers for their support during the year.


Members thanked our Chairman for his good Chairmanship.


Date of the next meeting - 14th June 2011 (ECSS/14/060411)


Resolved: We note that our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th June 2011.





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