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To provide an opportunity for members and officers with an opportunity to declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter on the agenda.


An opportunity was provided for members and officers to declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter on the agenda.  Councillor Ron Gould declared a personal interest in Minute No.43 Merseycare NHS Trust, by virtue of his occupation.





To consider:-



The report on the NHS consultation on plans for a new hospital to replace the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which informs members of:



the process to deliver the consultation


the recommendations made in the consultation outcomes


Additional documents:


The Committee considered a report from Liverpool Primary Care Trust with regard to outcomes from the NHS consultation to replace the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which took place between 14th July, and 20th October, 2008.


The consultation proposals asked for stakeholders to give their views on;


  • the future provision of services currently provided by the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, with the Royal focusing on emergency and complex care and research, and Broadgreen on planned care and rehabilitation, with more care provided in new community settings;


  • the proposal to rebuild the Royal Liverpool University Hospital; the preferred option being to build a new world class hospital on the West Derby Street side of the existing site.


The Committee were informed of:


  • Consultation processes
  • Scrutiny processes
  • Pre-consultation work with stakeholders
  • The report of the consultancy firm on the consultation outcomes
  • A summary of key themes highlighted in formal responses


The Committee was further informed that a report was received by Liverpool PCT at their November Board meeting, where the consultation process was supported and outcomes noted. An outline business case is currently being prepared and will be considered by the PCT Board during the next phase. A report on the consultation outcomes has also been submitted to NHS North West. It is recommended that the next steps be as follows:


  • A comprehensive ‘lessons learned’ report from this process will be produced to enable engagement, consultation and communication processes to be built on and further improved during the next phase.
  • Plans will need to be drawn up by RLBUH to ensure ongoing engagement at the appropriate level during preferred bidder stage. Liverpool PCT will work with the RLBUH to ensure these plans are fit for purpose, compliant with relevant legislation and in line with the PCT’s aspirations for the highest possible standards for engagement, consultation and involvement
  • The consultation outcomes detailed within these reports will be incorporated into the final version of the RLBUH Outline Business Case.
  • Feedback to stakeholders on the outcomes of the consultation process needs to be initiated
  • Effective continued engagement through the planning process is essential for the delivery of the ambitions contained in the proposal, and pro-active work with stakeholders needs to be built on to ensure that the people in the city fully benefit from this development.



Stuart Moore, Project Director for RLUBHT, gave a verbal update on the progress with the OBC:-


  • Draft OBC was submitted to Liverpool  PCT & Strategic Health Authority (SHA) in September, 2007
  • Trust is responding to queries from the PCT’s Technical Appraisal Group and the SHA
  • Detailed clinical and equipment specifications are being developed with staff from each department
  • The process is on target for seeking PCT/SHA Board approval in January



With the permission of the Chair, Dr. Maggie Andrews addressed the meeting and referred to the status of the Outline business case and bed numbers in the new proposals.  She further referred to the response to the consultation given by the LINks Transitional Steering Group, copies of which she left with the Committee Clerk for members to collect, if they so wished.



In response to queries raised during the discussions, the Committee was informed:-


  • The Outline Business Case is still in draft form and does not become available into the public domain until approved by the Treasury
  • Planning for major emergency and pandemic situations is being addressed
  • Transitional LINks Steering had had opportunities to submit comments about the proposals and these were incorporated in the report
  • Commissioning of community services needs to be considered in any discussions on bed numbers


Members confirmed their support of the robustness of the consultation process.


Agreed that –


a)     the consultation process , with which the Committee were satisfied as being robust, should be noted

b)     the recommendations and requirements on the consultation outcomes be noted and received

c)      regular updates on progress be provided



To consider a progress report on the TIME Project.


The Committee received a progress report on the TIME Project and were informed of the following key issues:-


  • The Outline Business Case has been approved by the Trust Board, submitted to PCTs and the SHA and continues to be assess by the PCT Technical Advisory Group
  • Discussions have taken place with stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Model of Service
  • The option of delivering the scheme via LIFT continues to be explored
  • An update on potential sites with examples of building designs


Agreed that the information provided be noted.



To receive an oral progress update.


The Committee received an oral update from Leonie Beavers.


Members were informed that the new Foundation Trust Status has implications for the progression of the Outline Business Case as the Foundation Trust Regulator will be involved.  A new Projector Director is in place who is reviewing the requirements.  The Committee will be kept up to date with progress.


Agreed that the update be noted.



To consider the minutes of the last meeting held on 4th September, 2008.


The Committee considered the minutes of the meeting, held on 4th September, 2008.  During the discussions, a query was raised regarding alternate arrangements for members.


Agreed that –


a)     The minutes be approved as a correct record

b)     The committee clerk research the issue of alternate members and report back to the next meeting



Thursday, 29th January, 2009, at 2.30pm in the Collingwood Room, Millennium House.


Agreed that the next meeting would be held on Thursday, 29th January, 2009, at 2.30pm, in the Collingwood Room, Millennium House.

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