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Venue: St Mary's Church Hall

Contact: Ginnie Shaw 

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Come and talk to:

  • Cllr Paul Firth
  • Cllr Chris Hogg
  • Cllr Richard Watson
  • Ginnie Shaw, Neighbourhood Management Officer
  • Iain Dunn, Street Environment Officer
  • The Safer Neighbourhoods Team


Plus: Information on energy conservation, and FREE energy-saving light bulbs (on a first come, first served basis)


1.            7:00pm Surgery


1.1Local residents had an opportunity to speak to Cllrs Chris Hogg, Richard Watson and Paul Firth; Iain Dunn (Street Environment Officer), the Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team, Mora Scaife, Ted Schofield and Ginnie Shaw (Neighbourhood Management Unit).


1.2Residents had an opportunity to find out more about the Energy Saving Trust .




Welcome and Minutes


2.            7.30pm Main Meeting


            Welcome and minutes


2.1    Cllr Paul Firth welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.2    The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Proposed Park and Ride

Learn about the plans for a new Park & Ride in the area and provide feedback on which of the suggested sites you would prefer.


3.         Park and Ride proposals


            Damon Copperthwaite (Assistant Director, Development and Transport, City Strategy) spoke to proposals for extending York Park and Ride. 


The following points were noted:

3.1  A  bid has been submitted for funding to increase the number of sites from five to seven, including three new sites, one of which is to replace Askham Bar.  The two additional sites are at Poppleton and Clifton Moor, near the Wigginton Road roundabout.


            3.2  There are four potential locations for the Clifton Moor site, as shown on the map displayed at the meeting.  The council are seeking views on the location.  It will be a 500 space car park, operating as the existing Park and Ride sites, with a 10 minute bus service.  The aim is to try to ensure that the buses are at capacity in both directions.  Consequently, a location near Clifton Moor is an advantage.


            3.3  The anticipated timescale is to identify a preferred site in Spring 2009, let a contract in Summer and for the new Park and Ride site to be operational during financial year 2011/12.  There will be formal consultation with residents in the immediate vicinity of the site and a questionnaire released in the next month to six weeks.


            Residents had the following questions:


a)     What about the future development of the ring road?  Is it to be widened?         


Response was that the bid by City of York Council for funding had been unsuccessful.  The roundabout on the A59 is to be improved.  The impact of the Park and Ride on the ring road will be part of the assessment: all four possible locations have advantages and disadvantages.


b)     Is a new Park and Ride necessary and viable?  


Response was affirmative.  Park and Ride has been very successful for York.  This site will be very important and beneficial for access to York Hospital.


c)      Has impact on ring road been taken into account?  Rawcliffe Bar is not at capacity.


Response was that Park and Ride sites have to be close to people who need to use them.  More sites will reduce traffic on the ring road and lead to optimum use.


d)  Will major alterations be required to Wigginton Road?  It is narrow at the turn off to the riding school.  Why not locate Park and Ride further out?


Response was that will be drawing traffic off Wigginton Road, not adding to it.  It would be more expensive to locate further out.  Also, return journeys would be reduced and they are an important contributory factor to success.


e)      What is the catchment area for this Park and Ride?


Response was Haxby and North Yorkshire generally.


f)        What professional advice has the council taken?


Response was investigation work and advice, including a transport and traffic model for the city that allows projections to be made.  Land ownership and archaeology had been checked and consultation undertaken with the bus company, as well as work on the logistics of getting the buses into the city centre.  All will be taken into account before the city council makes a decision


g)     Wouldn’t a good bus service overcome most of the traffic problem?


Response was that it is a commercial service operated by First and such a service would not be economically viable.  City Council can attempt to influence, that’s all.


h)      Is there any obligation to consult with the police?


Response was that Hugh Shanks, the Architectural Liaison Officer for North Yorkshire Police has been consulted.  All York Park and Rides have achieved gold standard.


i)        Has another site been considered?


Response was do not want to have drivers taking additional journeys.


j)        There is a bottleneck from the Nestle factory into town which cannot be rectified.  What about a rail station for Haxby?


Response was that one has been approved for by 2011.


k)      what about the regional funding bid?


Response was that the total cost will be around £26m.  There are two stages: the scheme has passed the first (with Yorkshire Forward, the Regional Assembly Development agency) though no money is attached.  The next stage (to the Department for Transport) bid will be submitted by the end of February 2009 and the outcome will be known by September ’09.     


Energy Conservation Advice

Denise Hall of the Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre will be speaking on how to save energy and save money.


4.            Energy Saving Trust


            Denise Hall of the Energy Saving Trust gave a presentation on energy conservation.  In response to a question, she informed those present that there are 100 energy monitors available to hire for free from York Central Library.


Safer Neighbourhood Team

PC Donna Musgrove and PC Alex Dobson will tell you about the work that the SNT have been doing in the ward.


5.         Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

Sgt Donna Musgrove and PC Alex Dobson gave an update on Crime and Community Safety issues in the ward.  The following points were noted:


5.1             Policing priorities are speeding, anti-social behaviour and a visible police presence.  Cold calling zones and Farm Watch are being promoted.

5.2             The following information was made available: 95 Alive speed forms to be completed and returned to Fulford so that incidents of speeding can be recorded; bin stickers to encourage speed reduction; a letter about changes in shift patterns; and leaflets about Immobilise – a website scheme to record serial numbers of property to ease return of stolen goods

5.3             SNT is encouraging residents to be more aware of potential vehicle and property crime that may result from the current credit crunch.


Budget Decisions

An opportunity for you to tell us what you think, before the final decisions are made at this meeting on how to spend the 2009/10 ward committee budget.


6.            Budget decisions


6.1             The Chair drew attention to the priorities and provisional schemes list as detailed in the Your Ward newsletter (page 2), namely the three neighbourhood ambitions of reducing anti-social behaviour, increasing road and pedestrian safety and developing pride in our communities.


6.2             Under Ambition 1 – reducing anti-social behaviour – the following schemes were discussed:


a)        HX-09-03 £4k is proposed for continuing to improve and update street lighting in the ward.  It was commented that there is a problem with insufficient street lighting.  Historic funding may be the cause.  Recommended money allocated to this scheme.  Any money unallocated this financial year (2008/09) will be carried forward into 2009/10.  One street light strategically placed can make a considerable difference.

b)        How much does a lighting standard cost?  Between £800 and £1k.

c)        Street lighting between North Lane and Oaken Grove is an issue.  Will pick up and report back to Community Centre

d)        HX-09-03 £5,510 to continue community ranger service in ward.  Is this negated by the increase in community policing (for example, PCSOs)?  Residents still vote for this service – it received the second highest vote and very few against.

e)        The increase from £5k was also questioned.  This may be an error.  On a show of hands, there was no support for this scheme.

f)          The Ward Committee agreed to review the service over the next three months and make recommendations as to whether it should be retained.

g)        HX-09-04 No comments raised

h)        HX-09-02 No comments raised


6.3             Under Ambition 2 – Increasing road and pedestrian safety – the following provisional schemes were discussed:


a)      HX-09-05  Funding of £4k to install two vehicle activated signs to deter speeding in the ward.  York Road/Usher Lane/Towthorpe Road are possible locations in a rolling programme of signs to reduce speeding

b)      HX-09-06  Funding to tarmac part of the footpath on Headland Lane.  No comments raised.


6.4             Under Ambition 3 – developing pride in our communities – the following schemes were discussed:


a)     HX-09-15  Funding of £5k to keep the alleyways and snickets in the ward clean and clear.  This was the most popular

b)     HX-09-08 Grant of £500 to Arts Action York for outreach to Haxby Hall care home

c)      HX-09-09  Grant of £250 to Wigginton in Bloom to improve village environment

d)     HX-09-11  Grant of £2,500 to York and District Citizen’s Advice Bureau for outreaches

e)     HX-09-12  Grant of £250 to Active York to run ‘Funds for the Gifted’ programme in the ward

f)        HX-09-13 Grant of £2,000 to Older Citizen’s Advocacy York to fund an outreach in the ward

g)     HX-09-16  Install dog bins at a cost of £500 on the area of land at Garths End

h)      HX-09-10  Grant of £2,500 to Wonder Years to fund an outdoor classroom in the area

i)        HX-09-17  Funding (£8,000) to support Oaken Grove Youth and Community Centre


The following points were raised:

i)  A request was made to increase funding to Wonder Years, a new charity.  Details were provided of the number of employees, the number of children per week using the service and number of families being helped.  The ward committee agreed to make a grant of £1,500 from 2008/09 underspend, to be spent before the end of March 2009.

ii)  The amount of grant proposed for Oaken Grove Youth and Community Centre was queried as justifiable.  Ward committee members replied in the affirmative.  There was a suggestion that more detailed information about the Centre could be made publicly available.  It was confirmed that information, including an Annual Report, is published and available to the public.


There being no further points raised, the provisional schemes list as described above, was approved by the ward committee. 


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to discuss concerns on local issues within the ward.


7.  Have your say!


7.1    World Heritage status

A bid has gone forward for York to become a World Heritage site.  The cost for making the bid had been mis-reported in The Press as £400k when it had in fact been £12k

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