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Local emergency services to collaborate

Improved partnerships: A new organisation has been created if the county to help emergency services work together more thoroughly.

Red Arrow crashes during air festival

Crash: The MOD has confirmed that one of the Lincolnshire-based Red Arrows has crashed following a display at an air show.

Fire at Skellingthorpe village factory [U1]

Fire: A fire has broken out at a biofuel factory near Lincoln, with firefighters attending the scene.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue to race the sun

Cycle race: Members of the Fire Service in Lincoln will challenging the sun to a race.

Fire service unaffected by AssetCo administration

Safe: Despite the company in charge of fire engines going into administration, the Fire service in Lincolnshire is unaffected.

Fire service stress summer barbecue safety

Barbecue safety: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are warning residents about some of the possible dangers of barbecues.

Council warns of faulty fridge freezers

Fire hazard: The County Council and fire service are requesting people send back a fridge freezer model due to a number of fires.

Lincolnshire firefighters get blogging

Firefighters blogging: County firefighters have taken up blogging as part of Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue's website redesign.

Fire burns at Beevor Street recycling plant

Recycling blaze: A fire at a recycling plant in Lincoln has created thick smoke covering the city.

Fire Service has £90k animal rescue bill

Pet rescue: The Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue service spent almost £90k on rescuing pets across the county.

Fire damages home on Laceby Street

House blaze: Firefighters extinguished a fire at a city home that mysteriously caught fire on June 20.

Firefighters canoe to London for charity

Paddling off: Members of the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue team will be canoeing from Lincoln to London for charity.

Lincolnshire’s ‘decade of road safety action’

Saving lives: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue is trying to educate motorists to save lives and money by driving safely.

Fire Station says goodbye to pole

Fireman's Pole: The last pole in the county has been removed from a fire station in Lincoln.

Fire Service warn of pancake danger

Pancake Day: Fire and Rescue are warning people of the dangers of making pancakes without care.

Firemen: Three chip pan fires per week

Chip danger: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue warn residents about the danger of chip pans after figures show there's on every other day.

Prezzo fire damages kitchen area

Hot pizza oven: A fire caused by extreme heat at Prezzo's pizza oven caused severe damage to the kitchen area.

Two die in A46 Nettleham crash

Crash: Two local people died and two were injured after a car crash on the A46 at Nettleham.

Police treat warehouse blaze as arson

Rescued: Two people were rescued by firefighters from a blaze at a warehouse on Wragby Road.

House fire warning over festive period

Fire warning: Authorities in Lincolnshire are warning residents to be aware of fire risks this Christmas.

Careless smoking led to house fire

House fire Carelessly discarded smoking material led to house fire Aberporth Drive.

Fire damages Portland Street home

House fire: Fire crews extinguished a fire on Portland Street caused by an electrical fault with the washing machine.

Fire damages Lincoln Priory Academy [U1]

On fire: Kids were sent home after a fire broke out at the Priory Academy in Lincoln, damaging several areas of the building.

‘Freak’ house fire leads to cannabis arrest

Triple trouble: A fire on Carholme Road led to an uninhabitable room, traffic jams, and a cannabis-related arrest.

Fire service warns of increased kitchen fires

Kitchen safety: Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are warning people about the risk of kitchen fires, due to an increase in cases.

Lincoln firefighters hose down for charity

Charity car wash: Firefighters will be raising money for charity by washing cars and holding an open day.

Firefighters cycle in supermarket for charity

Cycling the distance: Lincoln firefighters are cycling to raise money for two charities this Friday.

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