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Tories scent Mayoral victory in London as count begins

Electronic counting for the Mayoral and Greater London Assembly elections takes place today and despite the Tories taking a battering across the co...

Pauline Pearce aka “The Hackney Heroine” [Audio]

Pauline Pearce, aka the Hackney Heroine, gives Eastlondonlines an interview ahead of the by-election this Thursday in which she is standing as a ca...

Andrew Turner MP: What Might Happen

VB reader, Crossbencher, considers the division of the Island into two constituencies

Pugh’s London Lobby Secures ‘chickenfeed’

Release from Geoff Lumley claims only £4,000 gained from Government after Pugh's trip.

Lies, Labour and Libdems

I thought to comment on the Ask The Leader Debrief but as any comment I can make is long, I decided to blog it. I thank Mohammed Pervez, although I...

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