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HS2 – the £32bn solution?

HIGH SPEED rail is touted as the next revolution in British commuter transport, but will it, in reality, make any difference? Not to Blackpool.

Promenade failure: New Bonny Street now closed to reduce congestion

URGENT REMEDIAL action is taken on the new Promenade due to poor flow, regular long queues and displeasure about the whole scheme. The honeymoon is...

Cash for Old: Fylde Council shame over Melton Grove

CONSPIRACY IS abound. A 50-year legacy is set to be erased from memory as Fylde Borough Council have twisted, turned and changed rules to sell off ...

Lauderdale Ave call to arms: Labour set to vote on the 20th July

PART 2 of the Lauderdale Avenue crossing debate. John Donnellon has prepared new paperwork to be put in front of Labour on the 20th of July 2011, b...

Anchorsholme tram crossing closure imminent as Labour toe Donnellon line

A KEY Anchorsholme tram crossing looks set to be closed by Labour, despite the council ruling to keep it open last year. Here is the full story tha...

Merlin and the magical money tree

MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS were hailed as the saviour of Blackpool's ailing tourism industry. So why does the deal look so shady?

Blackpool pulled out of 2012 city status bid

A BIT of a gimmick, but the council have now done the right thing.

Evans takes over from Callow with more denials

BLACKPOOL CONSERVATIVES have a new leader in Peter Evans, but will the former taxi driver have what it takes to reform the party?

Smug-looking Fowler labels David Palmer “bitter and twisted” in Crystal Road battle

THE GASJET conjure up a thoroughly biased report of the Crystal Road saga, labelling local hero David Palmer as a Walter Mitty character.

Manifesto roundup: “Making Progress” with the Tories

FOR MANY it wont make any difference, but here is a short roundup of the Blackpool Conservatives' manifesto for 2011.

Newsflash: Gasjet set to feature Crystal Road story

BLACKPOOL'S VOICE of truth and justice is set to blitz the front pages with the Crystal Road fiasco, but is it an election stunt by the councillors...

1st Bispham scouts slammed with 13,900% rent hike

THE 80 year old 1st Bispham Scout and Guide group has been rocked after Blackpool council walloped them with a 13,900% increase in their ground rent.

Behold ye, the Chapel of Love

LOCAL LEGEND Harold Ernest Gokgodan slaps down the Wedding Chapel in his own unimitable style.

Ever wondered why Claire Smith never has a bad word to say about the council?

NUMBER ONE Hotels' Claire Smith often appears in the Gasjet singing the Peter Callow tune and never criticises the council. Why could this be?

Bikes nicked from coppers: a non-job speaks out

YOU WILL probably have seen the story in recent Gasjets about the bikes that were stolen from a lock-up owned by Police. But what made me laugh was...

People power leaflet rocks Highfield and Waterloo Tory campaign

A BLACKPOOL resident has set the cat amongst the pigeons in Waterloo and Highfield with a leaflet showing their Conservative councillors in a new l...

Local election 2011 preview and predictions

THE MANIFESTOS are out and the candidate lists are in, here's my preview and predictions for Blackpool's 2011 local election.

Local Election Leaflet: Labour’s five pledges

LABOUR FIRE the first shots in the local elections with some hard hitting leaflets exposing their opponents, but do they have the policies to win o...

The minimum price of unhealthy demise

CLLR MRS Fowler hits the headlines today as she takes stern action to kerb the latest modern danger to society - binge drinking.

Labour on libraries: the party of the few, not the many

WE'RE TOLD that it is a travesty that Boundary library should be subject to closure, but with such low membership, was closure inevitable?

Gazette readies its new site

A REPORT rocketed through 7 proxies and into my inbox signalling that the big switch over was about to occur at the North West's premier advertisin...

Caine to the checkout please!

ANOTHER SPLENDID piece of journalism from the Gasjet today in revealing the attendance of Sir Michael Caine at Silverdells bookshop in October. Ala...

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