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Promenade failure: New Bonny Street now closed to reduce congestion

URGENT REMEDIAL action is taken on the new Promenade due to poor flow, regular long queues and displeasure about the whole scheme. The honeymoon is...

Lauderdale crossing deferred, new chief exec appointed

THE COUNCIL executive met at the town hall to thrash out some key decisions, specifically in relation to Lauderdale Avenue tram crossing and a new ...

Lauderdale Ave call to arms: Labour set to vote on the 20th July

PART 2 of the Lauderdale Avenue crossing debate. John Donnellon has prepared new paperwork to be put in front of Labour on the 20th of July 2011, b...

Anchorsholme tram crossing closure imminent as Labour toe Donnellon line

A KEY Anchorsholme tram crossing looks set to be closed by Labour, despite the council ruling to keep it open last year. Here is the full story tha...

Dodgy property deals set to be referred to auditor

EXTERNAL AUDITORS are set to be called in to review some of Blackpool council's controversial property deals.

Promenade could be open on 17th, but Highways won’t allow it

WE HAVE waited with bated breath for our Promenade to reopen after what seems to be an eternity of closure, and the time has now come. Or has it?

Talbot Road bus station set for multi-million cash blast

BLACKPOOL COUNCIL have put up a contract for a £6.5m refurbishment of Talbot Road bus station and car park. Do we need this car park or should we ...

Council – those big name redundancies in full

WITH SEVEN town hall executive jobs set to be slashed by Labour leader Simon Blackburn, will he extend the same level of cuts through the whole cou...

Newsflash: Blackpool council chief executive Steve Weaver resigns

BLACKPOOL'S CHIEF executive, Steve Weaver, is history.

Labour’s new decision making process

WEAVER WAVED his magic wand and a new structure to the hierarchy of councillors was realised...

Simon Blackburn’s top team named

THE TOP table of the Labour council is announced.

Evans takes over from Callow with more denials

BLACKPOOL CONSERVATIVES have a new leader in Peter Evans, but will the former taxi driver have what it takes to reform the party?

Local election results – do you take us seriously now Callow?

PETER CALLOW'S ruling Tories have been sensationally swamped out of power by Simon Blackburn's marauding socialist steamroller. Here are the results.

Collins, Blackburn and Green battle it out on BBC Lancashire

BLACKPOOL'S LABOUR leader, Liberal Democrat leader and a Conservative cabinet member duked it out in a live election slugfest, but who ended up cov...

People power leaflet rocks Highfield and Waterloo Tory campaign

A BLACKPOOL resident has set the cat amongst the pigeons in Waterloo and Highfield with a leaflet showing their Conservative councillors in a new l...

Lets play Simon says!

THE CONSERVATIVES take the Battle of Brunswick to Simon Blackburn's doorstep with an explosive leaflet exposing financial excesses they claim he is...

Local election 2011 preview and predictions

THE MANIFESTOS are out and the candidate lists are in, here's my preview and predictions for Blackpool's 2011 local election.

Local Election Leaflet: Labour’s five pledges

LABOUR FIRE the first shots in the local elections with some hard hitting leaflets exposing their opponents, but do they have the policies to win o...

Labour on libraries: the party of the few, not the many

WE'RE TOLD that it is a travesty that Boundary library should be subject to closure, but with such low membership, was closure inevitable?

Red alert: Labour to field at least 5 husband and wife teams in the local elections

ON THEIR website, the Blackpool Labour party have published a list of their candidates for the upcoming May elections, and this includes a series o...

Time to close the cabinet

THE PARTNER of local Labour leader Cllr Simon Blackburn has hit back at claims on this site that he is a champagne socialist. An irate Gilliam Camp...

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