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The Blandford Buzz is a local to Blandford Forum and Blandford St Mary blog and website. Its a local blog like no other and from time to time the Blandford Buzz also has national and international articles, once you visit the Blandford Buzz you will probably visit the site again...

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North Dorset District Council

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Grim/e Response To Liverpool Care Pathway - State Sponsored Euthanasia

Hi, hope you've had a great week! I've already broken my own rule - about only blogging once a week, you will notice that I posted another blog ent...

A Grime 4 Da National Health Action Party

 A Grime 4 Da National Health Action Party  Lately I've become thoroughly distracted by dubstep and intrigued with grime. I've often thought that M...

A Post Once A Week On Fundays, whoops Sundays!

 For the next few months, I'm going to be such a busy busy humble bee, that I'll only have time to post an article once a week on this blogsite, th...

The Friends Of Blandford Community Hospital - Part 3 Map_icon

The Friends of Blandford Community Hospital, among other things, run two charity shops, one in Sturminster Newton, the other is in Blandford Forum,...

The Friends Of Blandford Community Hospital - Part 2 Map_icon

On Friday 7th December 2012, The Blandford Buzz, was warmly received by The Friends of Blandford Hospital @ their charity shop in Blandford, here t...

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