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Covering the cities of Lisburn and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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Area Covered
Belfast and Lisburn (within 6.0 miles of lat 54.55, long -5.98)
Local Authority Area
Lisburn City Council

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One Rogue Reporter - putting "meat and two veg" on the lunchtime menu at Out to Lunch

Part comedy, part rant and part personal redemption crusade, Rich Peppiatt’s one man show One Rogue Reporter hit the stage at the Out to Lunch Arts...

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs // Joe Lindsay tells the story behind the dream #otl13 #agonyecstasy

In a welcome return to lunchtime drama, the Out to Lunch Arts Festival – in conjunction with Skewiff Theatre Company – delighted today’s packed ven...

The First Shades of God (Jamie Bryson): unremarkable theology, but an insight into the mind of the protest-organiser

Jamie Bryson has come to prominence recently as one of the leaders of the flag protests across Northern Ireland. As Chris Donnelly pointed out in h...

Argos say they're no longer taking paper vouchers

I'm not sure why Casio put such good batteries in their 'cheap' digital watches, since the plastic straps break every 12-18 months, while the watch...

4 Corners Festival & the Irish Churches Peace Project

Five minutes of prayer around Belfast City Hall was the most public Christian response to the flags issue in Belfast. With the carols about the ‘Pr...

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