5 Primary Warehouse Key Processes

In this article, we take a look at five primary warehouse processes. We explain each process to make it easier for you how it works.

  • Receiving: Goods are received, which can include shipments from overseas, freight shipments, or returns. All received goods must be checked for quality, colors, sizes, etc, before processing and recording.
  • Putaway:: Once goods are received and signed for by the receiving manager, they are sorted and stored in the warehouse.
  • Picking:: A picker receives a slip and begins selecting items for shipment.
  • Packing: Picked items are carefully packed, often in boxes, to ensure safe transport to their destination.
  • Dispatching/Shipping: After packing, goods are prepared for shipping. They are recorded in the system, and a waybill is created for the client’s signature upon receipt.

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    Once goods are accepted by the client, a sale is considered processed.

Final Thoughts

Every warehouse plays a crucial role, and it’s essential not to compromise on any aspect of its operations. Hiring the right team is key to ensuring accurate management of your warehouse. Warehousing services are there to assist you. These services specialize in overseeing the five key warehouse processes to ensure the smooth operation of your facility for your convenience.


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