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7 Traits an Entrepreneur Should Possess to Succeed

There’s a false belief surrounding entrepreneurship. The myth is that this venture is only for people who are highly accomplished and educated. This, however, isn’t true. 

According to a report from CNBC, 26 percent of small business owners stated that they had earned a bachelor’s degree. Only 17 percent went to college. What’s more, 5 percent said that they didn’t even graduate from high school.

What do you need to become a successful entrepreneur? Key personality traits. A successful business owner possesses certain qualities that set themselves apart from the average worker.

If you aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch a business and achieve business, you’ll want to pick up and develop the following traits:


When you’re just starting, getting your business off the ground may seem like an impossible task. Accomplished entrepreneurs, however, don’t think like that. They think positively about their future and are always looking ahead.

What’s more, entrepreneurs carry a vision that they share with other people. Their team understands the reasons behind their actions. Team members also know what the goals are and what their role is to reach those goals. 

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to be goal-oriented. Setting goals, though, is not enough. You need to make a plan and do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals. Everything you’ll be doing in your business must have a purpose.


Entrepreneurs will no doubt face failures and setbacks. They will also make mistakes that can potentially ruin their business. Accomplished business owners refuse to throw in the towel once they encounter an obstacle. Instead, they face the problem head on, eliminate it from their way and continue on the path to victory.

A business owner needs to have thick skin in today’s world, especially in social media along with the role it plays in consumer reviews. Dissatisfied customers can be unforgiving (and sometimes downright nasty) when providing their feedback on a small business and its product, service or brand. Individuals who are easily disturbed or offended by criticism, either mean-spirited or constructive, need not enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Competitive Spirit

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Entrepreneurs love to take on challenges and like to win. This is necessary, as putting up a business is one of the biggest challenges that an individual can take on in their lifetime. Business owners, after all, are in constant war with competitors to grow market share and win business. 

When an entrepreneur has a competitive spirit, they give their everything to expand their business from nothing into a powerhouse that generates a lot of money or is so effective that you can sell the business for a profit, as well.


Entrepreneurs aren’t just running a business purely for the money. Although this may be important, the true benefit is doing what they love. Putting up a business takes a lot of time, energy and effort. This means doing extra work and putting in long hours to get the job done. If you do not like what you do, you’ll likely not push yourself to do whatever is necessary to achieve success.

Successful business owners are not afraid of hard work, as they are determined on their vision along with their dream. They stick with their passion and see things through the end. 

People Person

An accomplished entrepreneur is a person who has great communication skills for motivating their employees and selling their products or services to their target audience. A lot of business owners who have the power to encourage their employees to work harder can see their company grow in a short amount of time. These entrepreneurs are also great at highlighting the advantages of any situation and guiding others to achieve success.


Successful business owners always focus their energy and time on making the business work, as well as eliminating the barriers and distractions to their goals. Their overarching strategies help them to achieve the goals they’ve set while they outline the plan to make the final outcome a reality. 

What’s more, entrepreneurs become successful as they have the discipline to make new steps every day toward the accomplishment of their goals.

Eager to Learn

No one person knows everything. A new business does not often have enough employees in every department due to a lack of funds. Building a strong team takes time and resources. This means entrepreneurs have to learn everything from creating a business plan to marketing a brand from the get-go. This experience is what makes successful business owners so well-rounded. 

Becoming an entrepreneur takes more than just having great leadership skills. You also need to possess and develop these seven traits.

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