A Walkthrough of an Eating Disorder Treatment Facility

Clients with eating disorders are often referred by their doctors to eating disorder treatment facilities. In this YouTube video, viewers are given a tour of an eating disorder facility and listen to interviews with facility staff members. The staff members assured viewers that you don’t need to be severely sick to enter an eating disorder facility.

Regarding eating disorders, the video states that, in addition to changing their food intake, some clients will purge the food they eat (by vomiting or excess laxative usage.) Other clients will use excessive exercise as a measure of weight control.

Video Source

Eating disorders can be severely harmful to a client’s body. Some medical officials speculate that clients with eating disorders feel powerless and are seeking control by controlling the amount of food or exercise they use.

The reception area of the facility is shown. It has walls with grey slabs of marble. A dining room and group therapy room are also seen. The facility appears calming and welcoming.

In an eating disorder facility, the clients will eat together at meal and snack times, and staff members will oversee the clients’ behavior as they eat. A nutritionist will give each client an individualized food guide, and food choices must meet the criteria of the food guide. Help is given to clients who struggle to meet their food guide requirements.


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