Becoming a Local Bookkeeper Key Services to Offer

Are you considering starting a local bookkeeping service? There are several key services you should consider offering your clients. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail and highlights services a beginner in the bookkeeping industry should offer.

Primary Offerings of a Bookkeeping Service

The core service you’ll offer is booking. It’s a service that keeps records of an individual or company’s financial transactions.

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In addition, you could offer accounts payable and receivable management. With this service, you manage and pay your clients’ accounts, such as suppliers, etc., and collect monies owed to them by their clients.

If your client is a business that employs workers, you could offer payroll processing services. You’ll calculate wages and tax withholding while ensuring compliance with regulations. Payroll management is a huge burden for many business owners who want to focus on their core operations and have an excellent service to offer them.

You could also provide tax preparation services to help individuals and businesses prepare for the tax season. Lastly, you might offer budgeting and forecasting services to help businesses plan their financial goals and path.

Starting a bookkeeping service can be an exciting endeavor. You can offer a variety of services apart from bookkeeping alone. For example, you may offer payroll, accounts payable and receivable, tax preparation, and forecasting services.


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