Best Gardening Supplies to Stock at Your Landscaping Store

A landscaping store must never miss high and low-tech gardening supplies to cover both ends of the scale, as shown in the video. Low-tech tools like pruners, rakers loopers, etc. will sustain any garden all year round. Here’s more about them:

A shovel is a versatile landscaping tool with a broad scoop at the other end of the handle. It comes in handy for digging and scooping tasks in the garden.

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So, look for shovels of all kinds and sizes. Go for ergonomic handles to improve comfort when working.

Among your garden supplies, a wheelbarrow must never be missed. This is a small “garden vehicle” with one wheel at the front and two more at the back. The tool comes with a considerably big open-top container that can fit most garden loads and materials like sand, pebbles, etc.

Sheers are a scissor-like garden tool used for trimming live plants, shrubs, and live fences. The tool has a blade on one end as the other end is designed to support the cutting or trimming. It is one tool that most households need to maintain their exteriors.

While hand tools are essential for any landscaping store, power tools like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, etc. should also not be missed. Relative tools that are used together, like spades, pliers, sharpening files, etc., would be a great addition to your stock.


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