Boosting Enrollment With Patient Recruitment Services

In the video “How to Boost Your Patient Enrollment,” Carol Lazovic teaches viewers how to recruit patients for clinical trials. She explains the importance of (ideal) trial patients and the cost aspects of clinical research.

Carol also says that medical researchers can ensure patient safety, rights, and privacy. She also emphasizes the time-consuming clinical process and duration of study. Cost to researchers is also mentioned, in that missed trial deadlines account for about 30% of (potentially wasted) time.

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It’s said that missed deadlines also total about 40% of a clinical study. Even one delayed trial day can cost sponsors approximately $37,000.

Carol speaks of preventing deadline delays by helping researchers improve recruitment strategies. One way experimenters can accomplish this is by conducting a “feasibility study.”

Collecting important data from trial candidates through a feasibility study verifies their eligibility. It also increases the chance of test subject diversity. The feasibility study asks potential patients some questions. If they answer these questions according to the desired criteria for the clinical trial location, then they move on to the next “round.”

Several factors affect overall research of patient recruitment services. Some of them include standard of care, communication barriers, cultural differences, and disease prevalences. The patient population in an area may also factor into who is chosen for what trial or where the tests are conducted.

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