How Your Local Roofing Company Can Improve Your Homes Appearance

Roofs have a life expectancy of 15 to 30 years in many areas of the country, but not in Texas, as the video explains. In many states in the U.S., extreme weather plays a part in quicker-than-normal wear and tear on the shingles or shakes. A metal roof can still last close to 50 years in an extreme climate like Texas or Oklahoma with proper maintenance.

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As the video explains, installing new roofing on a Texas home does not result in the added value of $15,000 to the home’s value. In that state, and others like it, a new roof falls under expected home maintenance. A new roof will help sell a home in Texas though.

Homeowners can help quickly sell their property by properly maintaining it. Home buyers don’t want to have to make repairs before enjoying their new home, so making the home turnkey can result in selling a home more quickly. To add value to a Texas home, consider completing projects that make it unique, such as enlarging the kitchen or adding a bathroom.

Installing a new roof on a Texas home can still add curb appeal. It also might offer the ideal way to alter the home’s exterior style. Consider installing a zinc metal roof or clay tile roof to upgrade the appearance of the home, while upkeeping its maintenance.

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