Small Business Shipping 101 Packing Orders and Calculating Shipping

In the video above, the reporter shares valuable insights into efficient parcel shipping. The emphasis is on avoiding USPS for shipping due to higher prices and finding the most economical packaging and shipping rates to maximize profits. The reporter recommends a specific platform for custom boxes and shipping supplies, highlighting its comprehensive service for global trade and user-friendly interface, offering convenient sourcing of packaging materials.

The reporter discusses specific packaging supplies used, including custom boxes, bubble bundles, tissue paper, and decorative items, stressing the importance of creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. Customization and branding are encouraged through affordable options like the specific value stores for supplies.

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Additionally, the tutorial covers the process of printing shipping labels, recommends a cost-effective printer, and demonstrates the use of specific apps to calculate shipping costs and print labels. The guidance includes tips on adding signature confirmation for orders over $100 to prevent scams.

In the final segment, the reporter briefly touches on international shipping, suggesting specific apps for cheaper international rates. The importance of charging appropriately to cover fees, and potential mistakes, and provide a buffer for unexpected expenses is emphasized. The overall message is a practical guide for small business owners, offering insights into optimizing the shipping process, sourcing affordable supplies, and ensuring a positive customer experience.


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