Tips for Setting Prices for Your Commercial Cleaning Services

Pricing commercial cleaning services requires a careful approach. Normally, people guess how much to charge based on how big a place is. But that’s not always the best way.

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For example, a tiny office could be way messier than a giant warehouse, taking longer to clean. Determine how long each cleaning job will take.


There are two parts to this – the first clean (which takes longer) and the regular cleaning. Once you know the cleaning time, you can charge an hourly rate. But here’s the trick: for short cleaning jobs, charge more per hour to make it worthwhile. And for longer jobs, charge less per hour because you don’t want to rip off the client.


After you know the cleaning time, multiply it by how often you’ll clean the place. That way, you can determine a weekly price. Then, you can multiply that by 4.33 to get a monthly price. Or you can charge every four weeks and bill the client 13 times a year. A good price for a two-hour cleaning job, once a week, is somewhere between $500 and $600 per month.


For a five-hour cleaning job, five days a week, you charge between $4,000 and $4,500 per month. The coolest part is that you’ll make a profit by pricing properly. Another thing is learning how to get those long-term cleaning contracts. They keep the money flowing in.


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