What Is Safety Apparel and Why Does It Matter?

Working on public job sites can become dangerous very quickly, especially if you aren’t wearing the ideal safety apparel. Here’s a look at the importance of wearing appropriate safety apparel.
Consider your work environment.

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You may be exposed to multiple risk factors depending on your job. Maybe there’s a lot of traffic going on, or you’re using heavy equipment on a regular basis. Perhaps there’s poor lighting occasionally. All these risk factors could lead to a serious injury happening. However, wearing the appropriate safety apparel could prevent you from being harmed.
Class 1 safety apparel is worn during times when there is minimal injury risk. The clothes still include high reflective taping to prevent possible accidents. Many of these safety garments are black or red.
Class 2 safety apparel normally provides full body protection and also greater visibility. There is a medium level of injury risk.
This is high level safety apparel. These garments are generally worn at night when there’s limited light around and while working in environments where there is increased injury risk.
Hopefully, this breakdown will help find the best appeal to stay safe on the job!.

Consider your work environment.

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