What Its Like to Work for a Local Pest Control Service

In this video called “What It’s Like To Work For a Local Pest Control Service” on the Chris Van YouTube Channel he discusses what it is like to be a pest control technician. He drives his truck to local customers’ homes from a printed list from his company. This list includes dates, times, locations, and the type of services needed by customers.

Video Source

The technician services several customers in one day and uses a printed map to find the best route to provide the local pest control service.

The technician works about 20 minutes or more and spends about 20 to 30 minutes driving. They work four to five hours per day and spend the rest of their time driving. Technicians work independently without much supervision. If the technician provides the services the customer wants and pays the bill, the company is satisfied with the technician’s work.

Pest control technicians work with commercial and residential customers spraying foundations outside to prevent or control bugs. This service is extremely popular in the winter. In housing complexes, the technician often sprays spiders, ants, and cockroaches in apartments or condos. They may maintain rodent stations by filling them with poisons to keep rodent control in check. These are some of the tasks that a local pest control service performs.

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