Why Most Local Funeral Homes Advertise Their Most Affordable Cremations

Choosing what happens to one’s body after death is tricky when there are so many options available. Direct, affordable cremation is becoming more common, and this video highlights how this works and why it’s one of the most inexpensive options. But why are so many funeral homes advertising affordable cremation, when they would surely make more money off more elaborate ceremonies?

Direct cremation is increasing in popularity because it appeals to several demographics.

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It’s inexpensive, making it a viable option for low-income families. It’s also potentially secular, meaning non-religious families can hold a meaningful ceremony for their deceased loved ones. It also provides a way to ensure that funds set aside for a funeral can be spent on the wake or a celebration of life rather than funneling that budget into a casket and other potentially unnecessary cremation costs.

Funeral homes are realizing that individuals and families are opting for low-cost options more often. This is why you’ll often see affordable cremation services advertised ahead of more expensive options, although consumers should watch out for hidden fees. Also, because the process is so simple, funeral homes still make a decent profit even when charging lower prices for these basic cremations. Speak to a local funeral home about the options available, and remember, everyone has the right to a direct, affordable cremation.

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