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Building Maintenance: 10 Tips to Keep Your Office Building Clean

Keeping your office building clean is crucial to keeping it safe for employees and visitors. In addition, if you regularly clean the buildup of dirt, dust, and other allergens from surfaces throughout your building, you will lower your risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Here are ten tips for keeping your office building clean.

1. Cleaning Schedule

Schedule a regular cleaning schedule. Clean your property at least once per week and then clean any areas that get particularly dirty more frequently, such as restrooms and break rooms.

Regular trash removal is also crucial for keeping your building clean. Make sure you are using clear trash bags outside in the dumpster or shredding bins, and schedule a weekly pickup.

2. Make Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

Purchase cleaning supplies in bulk and keep them in easily accessible locations so you can quickly and efficiently clean the entire building each time you visit.

It would be best if you also kept useful tools such as mops, brooms, buckets, and floor cleaners near the entrances to public spaces, so they are easy to use when visitors enter your building.

3. Dust-Proof Vents

Dust particles are blown around very easily by air currents. To prevent dust from settling on vents throughout your office building, tape paper on the outside of each vent, covering it completely.

You can also cover vents with mesh or fabric, but make sure to keep them thick enough so that the vent will not become damaged by any cleaning supplies you use on dust buildup.

4. Air Filters

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Replace air filters regularly and clean humidifier water reservoirs frequently. Depending on how dirty they are, you can either clean your air filters or replace them with disposable ones every three months.

Keeping accurate records of maintenance tasks will help you decide which is best for your office building.

5. Organize Chairs and Furniture

Store chairs and other furniture upside down on shelves or tables if they are out during off-hours.

Not only will this prevent dirt from falling onto the floor, but the cushion surfaces will also dry up if they are out during humid weather.

6. Eliminate Standing Water

While this may seem obvious, it is important to keep standing water cleaned up throughout your office building.

Drain clogs and make sure plumbing is in order so water doesn’t build up in restrooms, kitchens, break rooms, or anywhere else.

This includes the surfaces of sinks, toilets, planters, and even potted plants throughout your office building.

7. Keep Doors Open

When possible, keeping doors open throughout your office building allows air to move more freely through the facility. This prevents dirt from accumulating on door surfaces.

If you have a space in your building where doors must remain open at all times due to frequent traffic flow, such as a hallway or lobby, be sure to sweep and frequently mop so the dirt does not settle on floors and underneath furniture.

8. Sweep and Moisten Dry Areas

Keep sidewalks outside and entryways inside your office building wet when they are not in use. Be sure to sweep any high-traffic walkways inside your office building often enough that most dust and debris is kept off the floor. Then, use a wet mop to pick up any remaining dust and dirt.

9. Keep Receptions and Break Rooms Clean

Clean all surfaces in your office building, including floors, counters, tables, chairs, and windows.

Ensure you are using the right tools for each surface so you don’t scratch or scuff hard flooring when cleaning tile, marble, and stone.

When you set up temporary displays in your reception area or break room, be sure they are easily removable so that you can clean the spaces thoroughly every time you remove them for cleaning.

10. Use Throw Rugs

If you have high-traffic areas in your office building where dirt accumulates quickly, such as by the front entrance or copy machine, use throw rugs to cover them.

This will prevent dust buildup on the surface of the floors, and people can easily wipe their feet to help keep the dirt outside. Be sure to clean these rugs frequently, so they don’t become dirt magnets that need to be washed or replaced often.

Many office buildings are not cleaned often enough to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and other allergens. Dust particles are blown around very easily by air currents, so it is important to have a regular cleaning schedule that will keep your business running smoothly without any interruptions for allergies or respiratory diseases.

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