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9 Equipment Every Construction Business Need

No construction business can survive without having the proper equipment in place. When it comes to construction, the right tools for the job usually mean the difference between a successful project and one that is plagued with mistakes and setbacks.

Some jobs require more specialized equipment than others, but every company should always begin with these nine essential pieces of durable and reliable machinery:

1. Excavator

Heavy machinery like cranes and bulldozers are important, but they’re also incredibly expensive, which makes them impractical for many smaller businesses. However, few companies can get by without at least one excavator on hand for completing common tasks like digging trenches and moving large amounts of earth or gravel. The machine is powerful enough to clear debris from large lots, so it’s also an important tool if you’re looking for a construction site.

2. Wheelbarrow

As the most basic tool in any construction company’s arsenal, wheelbarrows can come in handy no matter what you’re working on. Moving dirt, rocks, and other materials are made much easier with one of these simple tools, which makes it an invaluable asset to almost every business out there. They’re not just limited to dirt either — they can be used to transport brick or concrete as well, making them incredibly versatile for day-to-day work on any job site.

3. Concrete Mixer

Few projects get done without using concrete at some point so having a mixer handy is critical for every construction operation. These machines are designed to pour liquid concrete into metal or plastic forms so it can take the shape of any number of items like pillars, walls, or even drainage ditches. They’re pretty large and heavy, so you should only own one if you’re planning on doing a lot of concrete work.

4. Saw and Shovel

Even if your business specializes in other types of construction, there’s always a chance that you’ll need to cut something or dig into the ground for some reason. These implements are designed specifically to help with those tasks, and they make quick, easy work of both materials like wood and stone and dirt and clay. For smaller companies without an excavator, these tools represent their best option for quickly removing debris from the job site.

5. Drill Press

drilling a hole in the wall

Whether you need to put a hole in something or need to attach pieces together, a drill press is an invaluable resource for any construction company. The machine uses an ordinary electric motor and drills bit to bore into metal or wood without requiring much force from the user. This hand tool makes it easy to create holes in virtually any surface, so it’s perfect for foundations as well as cabinets and furniture.

6. Scaffolding

If your company is doing any work that requires you to reach elevated surfaces, scaffolding is a must-have construction item. The system of planks and supports can be moved around the job site, so workers have safe access to walls or roofs while they’re being repaired or improved. Because scaffolding takes up so much space, it’s better to contact a scaffolding rental company to take care of this equipment for you.

7. Ladders and Platforms

Even if your business doesn’t do much construction at elevated heights, chances are there will be a time when you need to put something on a high surface without scaffolding. That’s why every company should always have both ladders and platforms available for their workers. Ladder safety is paramount, so it’s worth investing in professional-grade equipment that can hold up under the heavyweight and repeated use.

8. Hammer and Tape Measure

Few tools are as fundamental or as valuable as these two items, which makes them an essential part of any construction company’s toolbox. One end of the hammer is designed to drive nails into wood, metal, or other materials, while the other side can be used to shape or remove material, so it’s two implements in one. The tape measure is simply a ruler with markings that allow for accurate measuring of objects, making it perfect for both building plans and quick measurements on the job site.

9. Bulldozer

Few construction tasks are as large as clearing an area big enough for a new building, warehouse, or even subdivision. That’s where the bulldozer comes in handy since it can push almost any material out of the way so workers can continue with their tasks. The machine is typically operated by a driver inside the cabin, while another worker may either ride on top of the blade itself or commandeer a smaller vehicle behind it.

There are many pieces of equipment that a construction business needs in order to be successful. While the list we’ve provided is not exhaustive, it covers some of the most important tools that any construction company should have in their inventory. From drills and saws to ladders and bulldozers, these items can help your business get the job done right no matter what type of construction project you’re working on.

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