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How Employers Can Help Employees Going Through a Divorce

Divorce can be disruptive, life-altering, and exhausting for anyone who has to go through it. The emotional stress of a divorce can happen because people have to deal with the change in their personal lives while still trying to maintain a facade of normalcy at work. People around an employee getting a divorce should try to understand their situation, including the employers.

That’s why employers need to provide employees with the support they need during this difficult time. It includes letting employees take time off if they need it, providing resources such as counseling or legal services, and understanding if productivity drops. By providing support, employers can help their employees get through a tough divorce while still keeping their job intact.

Here are a few ways companies can be of service to employees going through the harrowing ordeal.

Extra Paid Time Off

When a person goes through a divorce, it is not only an emotional but also a physical and mental ordeal. The stress of the divorce can be extremely taxing and can take a toll on the individual both mentally and physically. This situation is why employers need to offer their employees extra paid time off so they can take some time to recover from the divorce.

It can take some time for the individual to get back on their feet. During this time, the individual needs to focus on themselves and their well-being and not worry about work. Offering extra paid time off allows employees to take some time off to focus on their recovery without worrying about losing their job or coming into conflict with their employer.

Divorce can be a challenging experience for anyone, but it is especially challenging for employees. Employers can offer those time offs in various ways, such as allowing an exception to advance leaves. If the employee requires more time to recover, leaves of absence should also be on the table.

Legal Assistance

Employers should provide legal assistance to their employees during a divorce. It includes finding a good divorce lawyer and a child support lawyer if necessary.

A divorce lawyer can help the employee understand the legal process, prepare for court appearances, negotiate a settlement, and protect the employee’s rights. The situation might get escalated to court, and if it does, the divorce lawyer will be able to help the employee navigate the legal system.

A child support attorney can also benefit an employee going through a divorce. This type of lawyer can help the employee negotiate a fair child support agreement and make sure that the other parent is held accountable for paying child support.

Employers should provide resources such as these to their employees to get through the divorce process as smoothly as possible.

Counseling Services

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Even if the divorce process is over, employees might still require assistance in getting back to normal. Their performance might still drop, leading to poor results and affecting their career. If you want to help them get through it, you must play your part in improving their mental and emotional health.

Employees going through a divorce might benefit from counseling services. Counseling can help employees deal with the emotional stress of a divorce, learn how to cope with change, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Employers should provide employees with access to counseling services to get the help they need to recover from the divorce. Your human resources division will be responsible for finding a reputable counseling service provider in your area.

Arrange Temporary Living Arrangements

Employers need to be aware that a divorce can have a lot of negative consequences for the employee. One problem can be that the employee becomes homeless or struggle to find anyone to care for a child. It will be unfair to expect the worker to come back to work immediately. Fortunately, companies can offer assistance in that aspect.

Employers can provide a temporary living situation for the employee. There might be a unit within the company assets available, which they can use for a few months until they get back on their feet.

Some people might only need help when caring for a child. Fortunately, companies can provide information regarding the nearest daycare center or even allow employees to take their kids to work. If the situation requires more flexibility, you can let your employee come to work at any time while ensuring they finish the whole shift. In that way, they don’t have to worry about the consequences of being late.


Divorce is a trying time for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for employees. Employers need to be understanding and offer support to their employees. By providing this support, employers can help their employees get through a divorce and back to normal.

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